Achieving the right outcomes with strategic subtraction

Episode 82 July 14, 2023 00:50:54
Achieving the right outcomes with strategic subtraction
The Agency Hour
Achieving the right outcomes with strategic subtraction

Jul 14 2023 | 00:50:54


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

Show Notes

This week, we catch up with Richard Young. Richard coaches Performance Fulfilment, and he spends his days working with experts in sports, education, and health. The man has some really interesting things to say, and I think anyone with a goal in their life could stand to hear them.

In this episode, hosted by Troy Dean,we're talking about how sometimes doing less can lead to better results - it's about focusing on what really matters and cutting out the rest. We also chat about why slowing down can actually get you where you're going faster, and how focusing on the simple, basic stuff can help you see things more clearly.

Richard brings an interesting perspective to the table, arguing that delivering your best performance isn't about adding more to your plate but removing the unnecessary bits.

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