Refining your SEO offering

Episode 1 February 23, 2022 00:44:18
Refining your SEO offering
The Agency Hour
Refining your SEO offering

Feb 23 2022 | 00:44:18


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

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To kick it off, Pete and Troy will be revealing one of our brand new Mavericks training kits.
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Speaker 0 00:00:00 So, whether it's for client stuff or for internal business stuff, we're trying to give you more than just coaching, give you things that are actionable, that you can, that you can implement and ingrain into your business and just start using either from day one or with a little season to taste, to make it your own and, and go from there. Speaker 1 00:00:19 If you have a vision for the agency you want to build, then we want to help you build it. Welcome to the agency. Our podcast brought to you by agency Mavericks. Speaker 0 00:00:28 Hey Gabe. Speaker 2 00:00:29 Welcome. Hey Pete, how you doing brother? Speaker 0 00:00:32 Good, buddy. How are you? Good morning. Very well. Speaker 2 00:00:35 Welcome to, uh, welcome to a live stream here in the digital Mavericks Facebook group. In fact, welcome to the very first agency hour live stream here in the digital Mavericks. Facebook group is pretty exciting. Isn't it? I wanna give a big shout out to the team here, Emily, uh, max Mattie, uh, everyone on the marketing team who, um, branded this show called it, the agency hour came up with the name, came up with the concept and did everything. And then basically just told me and Pete to turn up and to talk about interesting things for an Speaker 0 00:01:05 Hour, Speaker 2 00:01:06 Uh, to kick off the point I'm trying to make here is that, um, I've been thinking about this a lot. You know, uh, the reason we're doing this show obviously is to inspire and educate and help agencies grow. And one of the things that I just keep coming back to is that people are the solution and the cause of most of your problems. And if you get a good team together, you will just go faster. And, uh, this is just proof, you know, I've, I've, we've had literally had nothing to do with this show, except being told to turn up and talk. And it's amazing. So Speaker 0 00:01:41 I actually have no idea what's going on right now. Speaker 2 00:01:44 <laugh> that's right, Pete. Like I just turned up because Troy told me to what are we doing? <laugh> are there actually people watching, Hey, Pete, um, just for those that don't know, whereabouts are you in the world these days? Speaker 0 00:01:55 I am about 90 miles north of New York city. So about, about an hour and a half, two hours, I'm right in the middle of Manhattan. Um, I'm in a town called Kingston, New York, which is, uh, you know, when, whenever you travel outside of New York, everybody thinks that all of New York is New York city. When the reality is, I'm like surrounded by cow pastures and corn fields and mountains and rivers. And it's just beautiful here. Lots of hiking people come from all over the world to go, uh, mountain climbing on a lower rock rate near me. And I'm eight miles from Woodstock, New York, the famous Woodstock. So, wow. So that's where I definitely, uh, Hudson valley, New York. Speaker 2 00:02:37 So are you, are you known as upstate New York? Speaker 0 00:02:40 Yeah, we're really kind of known as Hudson, the Hudson valley Uhhuh, and then upstate is further up. So you can go from New York from Manhattan, you go straight north for like six hours and then you hit Canada Uhhuh where you can go west for six hours and then you hit Canada. So right Speaker 2 00:02:56 West for six hours. Oh yeah, Speaker 0 00:02:58 Of course. So that's, that's considered upstate. Speaker 2 00:03:00 Got it. Um, awesome. Well, we have, uh, Andrew here from Yorkshire in the UK, Caroline golden from Melbourne Australia. Yes. I know. Welcome to lockdown. Number six. I think it is here in Melbourne or is it number seven? I've lost count. Um, hope you're doing okay, Caroline. I know we've been chatting in messenger. Uh, Facebook user is here from, uh, San Francisco bay area. Speaker 2 00:03:22 There we go. Um, and so the, the, the reason we here obviously is because we want to, you know, we, Pete here as a coach at, uh, at our agency Mavericks as MI of course, in fact, we'll talk about Pete's role in a moment because he's come on in a bit of a, a greater capacity and is spending more time here. Uh, we, we spend all day every day inside agencies working with agency owners and helping them grow their revenue, grow their team, grow their profits. And we just wanna be able to share what we are learning from working with our agency clients with some of you guys here in the group to inspire you, to take action and to give you some frameworks and to give you some tips and tactics so that you can keep growing. Um, and also hopefully tease you a little bit and show you what we are doing. Speaker 2 00:04:08 Uh, so that eventually, you know, at some point when the timing's right, you wanna work with us, then you know what we are capable of and, and the kinds of things that we do. Uh, and we're gonna dive into that shortly. We're gonna walk you through some of the stuff that we're doing, which is very exciting. What I really wanna know though is, um, in the chat, let us know what is the biggest challenge that you are trying to solve right now? And it's typically, uh, you know, so just give us like a one word. Is it leads? Is it, uh, sales, like closing leads into clients? Is it team, is it, uh, Speaker 2 00:04:39 Recurring revenue? Is it, what's the biggest challenge that you're faced with right now, just so that we can get an idea of, um, what kind of content to put together in these, uh, in these, uh, live streams for you. And we also are gonna bring in some special guests. In fact, I think next week we have a special guest coming in. I dunno if I can confirm who that is yet. Um, I might look at max in the green room and now he's shaking his head saying no, no, no. Don't confirm who that is. All right. I won't say anything. Uh, very good. Hey, so Pete, what, um, what's your role here now at agency Mavericks? What are you doing? Speaker 0 00:05:09 Uh, I am now have been elevated to be your boss and <laugh> yes, no, my, my, uh, my role is to I'm I'm technically called the head of coaching, which for that's a, I think that's an Australian term head of, I think, in, in the states we would say director of, or whatever, um, head of coaching and, Speaker 2 00:05:31 Uh, oh, sorry, man. Like, do you wanna be known as director of coaching? No. Speaker 0 00:05:34 No, that's, fine's fine. Like to be Speaker 2 00:05:36 Having a real conversation here right now. Things are Speaker 0 00:05:39 Gonna, I like to keep it different. So everybody goes, well, what's that? I want them to ask, like, what's that so that I can tell them. So I'm in charge of, uh, obviously I'm in charge of coaching and I have a, I have a, uh, squadrons of people that I coach. Um, I went through three, two flight planning calls today and three already this week. So, and so I'm coaching Mavericks on a, on a daily basis. I'm also coaching the other coaches. So I'm bringing them up to speed on our processes and how we want to do things as, as a team. Um, whether that's the local SEO thing or like how to upgrade your on ramp or, you know, the sales processes and stuff like that, that we're teaching. So, so I'm in charge of that. And then I'm also in charge of, you know, I have, I have a, I have a not in charge of, but I have a role in, I guess we would call it product. Right? So creating and creating and cultivating processes that we can put into our Maverick in a box and distribute it to our, our members, our, our, our people. Speaker 2 00:06:48 I'm super excited about that because one of the things that we've learned, and we're gonna, we're gonna look at one of these in a moment. Um, one of the things that we've learned over the years is that people are time poor, right? And so the more we can help people implement what they're learning, the faster they'll move. One of the things that we did early on when we first started Maverick slide back at the start of 2018, which is our mastermind program is, and actually we learned this in 2016 in New York. When I came out there and we ran a masterclass a one day masterclass, and then the following day, we went to New York word camp and we found what happened is there was myself, you Christina Hawkins, Christina Romero. There were a bunch of people who were hanging out in the hallways at word camp, not really wanting to go look at the talks. Speaker 2 00:07:31 We just opened our laptops. And we kind of just compared how we did things and we compared our processes. And so what we did when we started Maverick's club is we built in this implementation day. When we run our, our live events, we have a day dedicated just for implementation, where we're not learning anything new, we're just getting stuff done. So one of the things that I'm really excited about your role is actually looking at all the things that we teach in Maverick's club and helping our clients implement more rather than just overwhelming them with knowledge. Because I think that's a, a risk as well. You can just end up with all this knowledge in your head, but you're not actually getting anything done. And you end up with a massive wish list of stuff that you want to do, but exactly you don't feel like you're making project. Speaker 0 00:08:09 Exactly. We, we see that a lot actually. So we have to, you know, you, you, you get, you just kind of jump in and you're in to here immediately. And, um, it's a lot better to just kind of work your way in. And that's what our job is to kind of guide them through the path of everything we have. Speaker 2 00:08:27 Yeah. Um, Andrew Tate mentioned software is the biggest challenge he's got right now. Hey, give us some more details. Andrew, let us know what exactly, uh, what challenge are you're trying to solve there. Are you building software? Are you looking for a software solution? A little more specific would be helpful. Caroline gold talks about time management. Uh, Mitch is here from north of Noah Britain. That's uh, very funny. <laugh> Mitch Bri. Speaker 0 00:08:53 I, I guess that's Mitch Brit. Yeah. That's Speaker 2 00:08:55 Mitch Brit. He's here north, north of Noah Britain. Uh, awesome. So, Hey, what, what, what we thought we'd do on this call is, um, uh, first of all, we do really wanna know what you guys wanna learn more about and the kind of guests that you want to see on this show. We are gonna bring in special guests. We're also gonna bring in the coaches, uh, on a, on a kind of a rotating roster. So obviously Pete is here, Johnny flash based in Virginia and Christina Hawkins based in Texas. Uh, you're probably familiar with those guys already. Uh, if not, they'll be coming in here. As I said, on a rotating basis, uh, weekly to, uh, talk to you guys, share what's working in their agencies and we're gonna be bringing in special guests. If there's something specific that you wanna learn or a particular guest that you would like us to reach out to and bring in to this show, let us know, and nothing is off the table. I can tell you that I'm talking to people, uh, already in the pipeline to come in and talk to us about mental health and managing post, uh, post pandemic, uh, anxiety. Uh, we'll be talking about hiring team members. We'll be talking about managing teams. We'll be talking about leads, sales, um, recurring revenue, processes, SOPs, all that kind of good stuff. Speaker 0 00:10:03 That's the fun thing about what we do my man, like we're, we're we touch on helping people with their business, but we also really help them with their mental health and their just their boundaries and their, and, and like, I've had several discussions recently about like pulling back from the business so that you can have more time with your family and all that stuff. So like, that's so rewarding to be able to coach people to do that and have them not just have a better business, but just a better life, a better balance. Um, you know, just, it's awesome. It's very rewarding. Speaker 2 00:10:41 Thank you, man. I, I appreciate your, the, those words because it's something that I, as you know, that I'm very passionate about. I mean, my wife is a psychologist and I've had my own journey around mental health and imposter syndrome and self doubt and, and all that kind of stuff. Uh, and I think once you start having this conversation and I don't wanna kind of spend too long here, but I think once you start having this conversation, you humanize the experience and you realize that it's very easy to get caught in the doing of the stuff. And to just to get caught up in like the next challenge and the next goal and the next thing. And I think we forget that at the end of the day, we're all human beings, building businesses to support our lifestyle so that we can spend time doing the things we love with the people we love. Speaker 2 00:11:25 And I think it's really important to keep that conversation going because without your mental health, your business is gonna suffer. In fact, I would suggest that the health of your business is probably a reflection of the health of your mindset and your physicality. Like it's really difficult to run a successful business if you are not in good shape, physically and mentally and, and emotionally. So I also feel very blessed that we've got the team here who are willing and, uh, to have that conversation and don't shy away from it. You know, it would be difficult because I want to have this conversation. It would be difficult for me to do that if everyone else on the team was, you know, too scared to go there. And so it's really rewarding that, uh, that everyone is, is pretty keen to dive in and have those awkward conversations. Cool. So, Hey, I wanna talk about these kits that we are developing. Um, do you wanna maybe walk us through like why we are doing this and then I can share my screen and show some stuff, but you wanna maybe first of all, kind of walk through how this came about. Speaker 0 00:12:27 So, uh, well, this was, it did evolve quite a bit, didn't it? Um, so it came about by way of us trying to figure out how to take everything that's in our collective IP, between all the coaches and, and, uh, agency Mavericks and everything that we've done over the course of the several years that we've been around and disseminate it to our Maverick's members and our other, our, our coaching clients, our people, as I like to call us, um, and just to do it in a standardized way and to help them down the path. Right? So whether it's, you know, we use, we use the term upgrade your on ramp, which means building up your sales process and your marketing. And so whether it's some, some part of that that we can help with and give you processes and templates and email scripts and all that stuff, or if it's something like this, which is, um, like running a local SEO campaign, um, to help your clients. So whether it's for client stuff or for internal business stuff, we're trying to give you more than just coaching, give you things that are actionable, that you can, that you can implement and ingrain into your business and just start using either from day one or with a little season and taste season to taste, to make it your own and, and go from Speaker 2 00:13:52 There. Yeah. So I, I think if this, as like a, a cheat sheet or a, like a swipe and deploy, like, like a, almost like a plug and play, Hey, plug this in and, and, and get it. Speaker 0 00:14:01 It's basically a big, it's a big swipe file. That's really what it's. Speaker 2 00:14:05 And max and I, back in the day, when we were allowed to go to the office, max and I were sitting in the office one day and we thought it would be, I don't even know how a conversation came about, but we thought it'd be cool to come up with an acronym for kits. Like, what is ki, what, what is a kit? You know, I love words. And so I came up with this acronym for kit, which is, which is knowledge implementation and transformation. And so the three parts to this, and I'll just walk you through this. And I I'll, we'll, we'll walk you through what that looks like. And we'll actually use this local SEO accelerator as an example. And perhaps before we do that, Pete, just tell us where this local SEO process comes from. Speaker 0 00:14:41 Okay. So I, we do, uh, we do SEO. We do websites, SEO and care plans, and that's kind of our core business in my agency. We do local SEO, local SEO means clients that have a geographical footprint, right? So not national national or worldwide, but people that work in a certain area. And, um, there's certain things you can do obviously to boost traffic using local SEO. So I found that, trying to explain what SEO was to many clients. I work with either, uh, people in the trades industries or lawyers and things like that. They don't know what SEO means. They everybody's heard the buzzword. They think it's like a switch. You can flip mm-hmm, <affirmative> turn it on. And, and it automatically starts working. That's go, daddy, East's fault, by the way. And, and then you end up in a long conversation trying to explain it. Speaker 0 00:15:29 So I decided to, and, and when we sell SEO, it's a, it's a 12 month project. We sell it for nine to 12 months. So that was too much for some people to bite off because they, they didn't know what the hell they were getting into. Like they had no idea what that was. It's it's not inexpensive. So, um, I came up with a, with a smaller call it a wedge product, right. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so it's, it's a four, I usually run it for four months, sometimes six mm-hmm <affirmative> and it's a smaller price point. And we're doing less than I would do for a full SEO campaign. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, but it can show some results in four to six months that can then trigger them to say, okay, let's so if this is just a taste of what's coming, let's, let's go all in. And I've had a lot of success with this. So, Speaker 2 00:16:20 But I know we were talking pre-show that you might, you've got a, like a, a chart or a graph to show some of the results that you can get Speaker 0 00:16:26 In. Yep. I have, I have, uh, three examples of Speaker 2 00:16:28 What can you share your screen? Why don't we do that before we actually show the process here and then we'll walk through, I think this is, I think it's a good place to start is to, you know, Ben Siegfried says here, this local SEO accelerated thing is perfect timing. The reason we use local SEO as the first kit that we rolled out. And, and I'll, I'll also draw the distinction between internal kits that help you grow your business. So hiring, and I'll show you a bit of this stuff in a minute, whether it's hiring team members, managing weekly meetings with your team, uh, whether it's, you know, setting up lead capture for your website, whether it's your sales process, their internal business development processes, as Pete mentioned, this is what I call a deliverable. This is a process that you can just take and start delivering to a client as a service so that you can add more revenue. And the reason we started with local SEO is because I think it's the next logical step for a web design agency to take you launch a website. The next logical thing to do is to get them onto an SEO campaign to boost their traffic right before we actually show you what a kit looks like. It might be good if Pete can show us some, Speaker 0 00:17:31 Uh, yeah. So I'll, I'll walk you through three different clients. This guy was a, is a personal chef here in my town. Um, he had, he had launched a website without using us. That was his first mistake. Um, but, uh, we didn't do the website, but he did find me through way of, by way of, uh, looking for SEO agencies. And so we started working with him in right around Thanksgiving, here in the state. So late, thanks late, uh, November mm-hmm <affirmative> and he had no traffic, almost zero. And as you can see, by like Jan December, he had about a hundred people coming a month and he soon had close to 300 people coming. Um, after a few months, 300 people coming to his website. And this is the guy that wrote me a note around about April and said that he had the, he was actually thinking about hiring somebody to answer the phone swarm because they were ringing off the hook. And he was one of these guys that thought it was a switch. So he is like, can we turn it off or turn it down? Because I'm getting too much work. And I said, dude, you can just say, no, you can build wait lists. Like I started coaching him on his business a little bit. Like you can say no to people. That's. And by the way, if you're overwhelmed with business, raise your prices, like double your prices, everything. So Speaker 2 00:18:49 What, what is, he's a personal Speaker 0 00:18:50 Shift. He's a personal chef. So he'll, he, he does little, like he does small weddings. He does engagement parties. He does birthdays, retirements, things like that, but he'll also like, alright, dude, every Tuesday you're making my wife and I dinner. So deliver it by Tuesday at noon and you know, that kind of thing. So he does that kind of thing too. So cool. So that's, that's this guy, so some good success there. Uh, who's this, this is our interior designer. So she started working with us for, for a couple months, as you can see, and this is comparing, uh, you know, the two years, 20, 21 to 2020. So orange is 2020 before she was working with us. And 2021 is when she started working with us. Um, I think she actually, this started, this graph is April. Yeah. That's about when she started probably probably late March, early March. Speaker 0 00:19:40 Mm-hmm <affirmative> so, as you can see, like it just like compared to compared to the previous year, it's up 323%, three 24%. Her traffic is up. So again, like on the first page of Google for, uh, several keywords, she's the one that I have a big, strong rule about people texting me, my clients, she broke the rule. I was out for dinner on a Friday night, um, social distancing and outside, but I got a text message from her at like eight o'clock on Friday night. And she says, I owe you my life. I just closed a $500,000 deal. <laugh> shit like, okay, you can text me and tell me that anytime you want. So that was around October and, uh, you know, things have things have been going well since then, so awesome. Um, and she's still with us. She's one of those that like, okay, let's just keep it going, keep it going. Speaker 0 00:20:42 Right. I, she knows how to say no, she knows how to raise her prices. So I didn't have to school her on any of that. And then what did I have here? These guys? Oh, these guys are, um, they're an outdoor company. They sell, they, they like rent outdoor equipment. So in the summertime, it's kayaks in the wintertime, it's snow shoes and skis and snowmobiles and things like that. Yeah. So again, oranges last year, um, through COVID, which actually they felt they did pretty well through COVID because, you know, a lot of people were doing outdoorsy stuff, you know, and, and they were home. Um, but we, you know, we started working with them in, in January actually. So this shows a little bit of last year and this year, but then as you can see, we're still working with 'em now. And as you can see, it's, it's taking off and, and the traffic is up what's, let's say 309.2, 4%. Wow. Over last year. So, so these are, uh, yeah, those are, I don't think I have, do I have anything else? Wait, hold on. I think I, one more graphic to show you. All right, here you go. Troy, here you go. Little, little something for you. That's the first message ever I posted in this Facebook group. Speaker 2 00:21:47 Wow. Look Speaker 0 00:21:48 At that. July, 2015 Speaker 2 00:21:50 July. Speaker 0 00:21:51 And this is what I was struggling with. Recurring revenue Speaker 2 00:21:53 And recurring revenue. Wow. Okay. Speaker 0 00:21:56 Um, so I happened to stumble on that six Speaker 2 00:21:58 Years, six years ago. Awesome. Uh, alright. So the results speak for themselves. So what I'm gonna do now is just bring up the I'm gonna walk you through the anatomy of a kit, what the knowledge implementation and transformation is. And I'm gonna show you an example, uh, using the local SEO accelerator. Okay. So the, it, it starts off with what, with what is the knowledge piece? And so everyone's busy, there's lots of noise coming at us. Our job is to say to you as an agency owner, this is something that you should pay attention to. And the way that we do that is to give you what we call a playbook and so full transparency. The purpose of this playbook is to say, Hey, agency, owner pay attention to this because this is either gonna help you solve a problem or help you explore an opportunity that is worth going after. Speaker 2 00:22:45 And local SEO is, is one of those opportunities. And I'll show you an example of, uh, one of our Mavericks who's implemented this recently. So this is a, this playbook here just walks you through what local SEO is, um, why it's important and, uh, you know, how you can start thinking about it, right? So, so this is really just a, a very short, you know, three or four page kind of textbook, really that you can just read offline to understand what local SEO is all about. And then we give you a checklist. Here's the checklist of, you know, this is Pete's local SEO process, uh, over a six month period. This is everything you would do month one, there's a bunch of setup stuff month, two, there's some, some more stuff. And then really month 3, 4, 5, 6, it's just kind of a rinse and repeat of more of the same, uh, to keep those, those results going up. Speaker 2 00:23:33 Now, let me explain why we call this an accelerator we have in, in Maverick's club, we talk about the three different types of products that you can develop in your agency. One is the first type of product is called a fire starter, which is, uh, their diagnostic audit based tool. So for example, doing an SEO audit for a client is a great fire starter. It doesn't actually fix anything. It just highlights, Hey, there's a fire over here and we need to do something about it. Uh, and here's everything that we're gonna do to fix it, right? So web audits, SEO audits, even branding workshops, they don't actually fix any problem. They just kind of highlight the work that needs to be done. They're called fire starters. Then the second type of product that we suggest that you develop, what we call accelerators and accelerators are designed to fix one or a very small group of problems, but they don't fix all the problems. Speaker 2 00:24:27 So for example, I think a website as an accelerator, because a website just solves one problem, but it doesn't do SEO. It doesn't improve your rankings and it doesn't improve your conversion rates. They're separate products doing SEO, doing conversion rate optimization, doing social media marketing, they're separate products. So in this case, lo we call local SEO an accelerator, okay, you can call it the local SEO accelerator if you like. But we also think of it as an accelerator type of product, because what it does is it helps the client accelerate their results. In one part of the business, this will help them get more traffic. If their website's really slow and doesn't convert well, that's a separate conversation and a separate product that we can roll out, but this will actually help them get more traffic if they're a local business. Right? And so this document here, you could basically take this and figure out how to do it yourself. Speaker 2 00:25:17 You could take this, you could learn, uh, about local SEO, uh, have a think about it, maybe chat with your team and say, cool, we wanna roll out local SEO for our clients. Here's why it's important. Here's, uh, what it is, and here's how we're gonna do it. And here's our checklist. You could roll that out. No problem at all. So this is the knowledge piece. A lot of people get stuck here though, because they then have to go into whatever platform they use and they have to set up a project template and they have to start thinking about dates and they have to start thinking about who's gonna do what and all that kind of stuff. Yep. So what we did, what I was chatting with the coaches a few months ago, and I, you know, we kind of thought, wouldn't it be great if we have this conversation all the time? Speaker 2 00:25:56 Wouldn't it be great if right. And as we are growing, um, and, and we are learning and we've got, you know, more resources available. We said, well, wouldn't it be great if we could teach our Mavericks this stuff, and then they could, you know, just kind of start to get pro you know, start to make progress really quickly, rather than have to do a whole bunch of work. So what we did is we've partnered with a company who I'll tell you a little bit more about, um, to build all of these, uh, kits out in, click up, and I'll explain why we used click up in a moment. So this here is the local SEO process built in click up. Now there's two parts to this. There's the list of tasks that need to happen. And we've, you know, just got them sorted by, you know, month, one month, two month, three, blah, blah, blah. Speaker 2 00:26:50 Right. Um, there is, there are all the dates that are, uh, attached to this particular project. So if we started this project on the 2nd of August, then this would be due on the 9th of August. And then all these dates are programmatically put in place based on how long we think it takes to do each thing. Um, and then month one through six, we then have them in particular categories. And then you can come in and start assigning them to team members. And this is a template that we can duplicate for every client we bring on as a local SEO client. Now, the second part of this is the documentation that goes along with it. And so huge shout out to Pete here for putting all this documentation together and a big shout out to our team, our, our click up team who help us do this. And I'll talk more about those guys in a minute. Speaker 2 00:27:35 Um, so this is really the, the why, what, how now of local SEO and how to use it in click up, right? So why do we have local SEO? What exactly is it? How do we manage it in click up? Uh, one of our Mavericks has said that this one document here taught her more about how to use click up than anything else she's read or any other video that she's watched about how do use click up. So this walks you through how to structure your click up and then how to actually use this particular template in your click up, uh, um, system. And then, uh, what we have is, so this is the documentation here. These are the, and there's, by the way, there are a should be in the documentation here, a whole bunch of pages, all the documentation here for, you know, month one. Speaker 2 00:28:23 So setting up the reporting tool, uh, you know, here's how to do that with some recommendations. So if I come back here pretty much every one of these tasks where you need some supporting documentation, it's in the documentation guide here. It's not just a series of tasks that you then have to go figure out yourself, right? We've actually given you guidance here based on Pete's experience. The one thing we are not going to do is we're not going to teach you how to become a world class SEO. We're not gonna teach you how to, we're not gonna spend hours putting together video courses and teach you how to do keyword research. We're gonna give you some guidance. Our, our assumption is that you are hiring people who know how to do their job, right? We're not a community college. We're not hiring, we're not teaching you and your team, how to design websites. Speaker 2 00:29:08 We're basically showing you the order in which you should do things and then giving you some guidance, right? So that you can hand this off to your team and hopefully your team have their own experience in their own process. Uh, you know, order aggregate a order, aggregator citations, uh, you know, here's how you do it. Here are some of the tools that you use, uh, off your go, right? You might have your own process, which is perfectly fine. This is just designed to get you up and running a lot faster and a lot quicker. Yeah. A lot, um, with some consistency. So the third, the third part of this is I'm gonna show you, um, so this is the implementation. I wanna show you how we distribute these, and then I'll talk about the transformation. So I wanna show you how we distribute these. We distribute these to our clients, uh, through what we call an installation guide. Speaker 2 00:29:54 And so this here walks you through exactly how to install this into click up. And there's one thing I wanna note particularly about this particular template here is that when you install this into your click up and say that as a template, when you reuse it for a new client, you can remap your start and due dates. The way that our click up team of program. This is that when you kick open a new project for a client for a local EEO client, you basically say, Hey, we're starting on September one. It will actually go through and remap all of these due dates and start dates based on the start date for that client, which I think is genius. And I didn't even know you could do that in click up, but you can so big shout out to Corey and, uh, and Justin for solving that for us. Speaker 2 00:30:34 And so then these installation guides that we, that we share, uh, we have a button here, which says, Hey, uh, go and install this into your click up. You click that button, you log it in a click up. You say which workspace you wanna install it into. You give it a name. You choose the folder that you wanna put it in, or the space that you wanna put in. And then you also save this as a template in your workspace so that you can then reuse it in the future. For more for future clients, you click on use template and it automatically installs it in your click up, um, account, which is Speaker 3 00:31:09 Genius, Speaker 2 00:31:13 Baby. I mean, this thing gets me so excited. I can listen when I started my agency. Speaker 3 00:31:20 If this had existed, Speaker 2 00:31:22 Dude, I, I just like it. Would've saved me probably five years of trying to figure shit out. So huge. Shout out to Pete for putting this together. Also a huge shout out to Justin and Corey who are boot out in, in click up for us. And our quick little announcement. I only learned this yesterday. This is our little secret weapon, which I'm gonna secretly announce here, cuz I dunno whether it's public knowledge yet, but I'm gonna announce it. That's what I do. I Speaker 0 00:31:47 Don't even know what you're about to say. And I'm a little scared about it. Speaker 2 00:31:50 Like Corey, who actually builds all of this stuff out for us in click up has just been hired by click up as director of education. So he, so the guy that's building these out for us in click up now actually works for click up as director of education. Ben sire says, I can do all this stuff, but I'm not that organized. So this is perfect for me, which is exactly the point. That's exactly why we've done this. Now. There's one other piece here that I need to talk about. Here's the transformation ma Hancock. Who's one of our Mavericks club members, uh, from the gold coast. She says the playbook is the perfect executive summary and the click up template is flipping amazing. Now, you know, I didn't make this up because I would never say flipping amazing <laugh> Speaker 2 00:32:39 Way easier than I expected. Maverick's club is changing my life. So thank you very much. Her words there. And, um, the, and this particular template, the, the local SEO is designed to help you just grow more recurring revenue and add more recurring revenue to exactly, to your business. Um, while we hear there's one other thing, I just wanna show the people, some of the other deliverables that we're working on, uh, you know, web audits, um, SEO audits, care plans, discovery workshops. We have an onboarding system for onboarding new clients. And also, I just wanna show you some of the stuff that we've got around, uh, recruiting. I'm not gonna go into details here, but we've got an entire recruitment process. Uh, we've got, uh, an interview process that you put people through. When you wanna hire someone. We have processes for running weekly meetings, daily huddles, um, monthly planning meetings. Speaker 2 00:33:32 We have team onboarding processes. Uh, we also have an entire sales system here that we've built, uh, that we are teaching in one of our programs called sales accelerator, which is a sales pipeline with all the automations and the phone calls and the scripts and everything. And not as, as, as is the local SEO, uh, process here. It's not just the checklist of things that you need to do in the right order. It's also the documentation and the guidance to get through that. So Christopher Stratman said business in a box, Pete calls up the Maverick in a box. I would love to hear your feedback. Uh, just, um, uh, drop a, uh, comment in the chat and let us know your thoughts on this and let us know if there's anything particular, particular that you want us to build in anything that you need. And then, uh, in a moment, I'm gonna talk about how you can, uh, start a conversation with us to try and get your hands on some of these kits. Pete, what what's, um, some of the feedback you've had from rolling these out to Maverick's club members so far. Speaker 0 00:34:27 Oh, just all of them, whether it's the, the client onboarding process or the sales process, the sales process is changing people's whole business and, uh, you know, all the, all the little things we're doing and all the big things we're doing, but we're getting a lot of really positive feedback. People are, are just the SEO they're taking it. They're not even altering it at all. They're literally taking it and throwing it right into their business and handing it off to their team and having them execute it. And it just goes right away. Um, same with the same with the kickoff meeting process that we did. That's, Christina's, uh, IP intellectual property. And, uh, people are loving that one. And, uh, the, we did the org chart one too, which is interesting. We I've had some, some, one on ones, walking people through that process of building an org chart to help you determine who you should be hiring and when, and who should be next, that kind of thing. So it's a special process for that. So, uh, yeah, we're getting, I mean, people are loving it and they just keep asking us for more. And of course we're just kind of teasing them, teasing them out a little bit, but, uh, yeah, it's one very positive. Speaker 2 00:35:34 We, we were averaging and we still are averaging, we we've slowed down the cadence a little bit because we kind of got a little bit overwhelmed, but we're averaging one of these a week. Uh, so whether we are producing one a week or, or sort of four over a four week period, um, we are averaging adding one of these to the library every week, uh, which is, and we're trying to balance between the internal biz dev staff, like, you know, growing your sales, hiring your team, managing your team, all that kind of stuff. And, uh, peppering that with these front facing deliverables. So that you've just got more, uh, structure and, and also probably some more services that you can sell clients if you're interested in expanding your service offering. Speaker 0 00:36:11 I think there's, uh, 18 or 20 in the box right now. And there's my list is I stopped writing my list at about 75. Speaker 2 00:36:21 Wow. Speaker 0 00:36:22 <laugh> so yeah, we have a bunch coming, Speaker 2 00:36:24 So that's great. Fantastic. So, uh, what, what are you, what are you most excited about Pete? Uh, I haven't prepped people any of these Speaker 0 00:36:32 Questions? No. Yeah. Like where is this coming from? Yeah. What Speaker 2 00:36:34 Are you apart from learning how to play the bass guitar? What are you most excited about over the, over the next six months as you increase your capacity? So you are, so Pete's officially on with us. Part-time now. So half a week, half Speaker 0 00:36:47 A week, 20 hours, 20 hours with you and 20 hours in my agency, which is perfect because that's really all I need in my agency. My team kind of takes care of everything else and, uh, I just need to be onboarding clients and kind of puppeteer. I'm the marionette master. That's really all I'm doing. Um, so what am I excited about in the next six months? I'm really excited to be pumping out this, uh, Maverick in a box thing. Um, I'm looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to our next event, which we need to really start talking about with some special guests, which is Mav con, which is gonna be the first week of October. And, uh, um, yeah, looking forward to all that kind of stuff. And just, you know, for me personally, the most rewarding thing and about my job is to see the people I'm coaching and the people we are coaching as a team, cuz it's not just a, like, I'm not the only one that coaches you. Speaker 0 00:37:45 If you're my, if you're in my squad, it's a team effort. And I love seeing the progress. I mean, I was on a call with somebody who's been in Mavericks for three months today and you know, he knocked out his past three month plan and he's ready for his next three month plan. And we're gearing up to really like blow his cash flow through the roof so that he can start hiring and remove himself from the business. And like this time, next year he should be removed from the business to the point where he is just kind of checking in and, and doing the things so like that kind of stuff. And, you know, we have so many success stories, uh, you know, throwing out names like Adam Silverman and Simon major and Maz is really kicking ass. And uh, like so many people have just like, it's so rewarding for me personally, to be able to impact people in that way. And uh, I just love it. I just love, I can't wait to do more of it. I can't wait till tomorrow. Speaker 2 00:38:45 Yeah. Yeah. Me too. And I'm looking forward to travel restrictions being knocked on the head so I can fly back out to the states and we can hang out at our live events again. Uh, Speaker 0 00:38:53 Hey, we need to, we need to get to the UK too, by the way. Speaker 2 00:38:56 Yeah. Oh totally. I was there. I was there and I mean, it just blows my mind. It seems like a hundred years ago, but I was there in April, 2019, uh, and met a bunch of our customers out there. And, uh, man, I love the UK. I mean, London's just awesome. I love London. I can't wait to go back. So, um, hopefully we get our shit together here in Australia and we can, uh, we can travel again cuz at the moment I'm barely allowed to leave the house, man. I leave the house and they just shoot me on the street. So, um, <laugh> so looking forward to that, uh, and also I'm, I'm really looking forward to growing, you know, one of the most rewarding things I think that I've managed to do over the last couple of years is to elevate the coaches and the coaching team so that there are people in our programs now that I don't even know, I don't, I don't and they're having success and we are getting great feedback and I don't interact with them. Speaker 2 00:39:45 And that's very humbling and a little bit scary where it was scary when I first started doing it. When, you know, growing the team and kind of letting go of control a little bit has been, uh, scary. But now once you get through that initial hurdle of letting go of a little bit of control, empowering other people to do a good job and they start doing a good job for me, it was like the floodgate's opened. I was like, okay, now who else can I hire to do this? And who else can I hire to do this? And uh, I'm spending more and more time thinking about strategy and working on the business. And um, the team are doing an amazing job, you know, and this show, the agency hour is a great example of that because I Speaker 0 00:40:22 I've been, uh, I've actually been coaching people lately to when something comes at them. The first question they should ask is not how do I do this, but who can I get to do this? Speaker 2 00:40:34 Yeah, that's right. Exactly. Like Speaker 0 00:40:35 Who do not how like, yeah, totally. Speaker 2 00:40:39 Andrew TA I love this. I'm just a one man band for the moment, but I'll stick around and see what ideas I can steal. If you don't mind. Totally happy for you to do that. Andrew, I can tell you, there are, there are many people in Maverick's club who did that for a long time, hung around and, and stole a bunch of ideas from our free content and then eventually elevated and got into our programs and now have teams. And uh, so yeah, totally, uh, happy for you to do that. Martin Sanders says, yeah, we'd love to welcome you guys back to the UK. Did we meet Martin when I was out there in the UK? Did we meet, uh, just lemme know in the chat I cuz I, you know, I should remember, but I meet a lot of people. So, Speaker 0 00:41:11 Uh, Martin don't Martin says he is buying the first round, so Speaker 2 00:41:14 Excellent. Yeah. Good, fantastic. Uh, Jayden Avere is here from the USA. Jayden. Good to see you again. Uh, cool, cool. Um, so Hey guys, let us know in the chat, if you've got any questions, um, if there are any particular kits that you want us to work on, if there's anything that you need in your agency, any burning desires that you have and also what guests would you like us to bring into this show in the coming weeks? Uh, we've got a, you know, pretty good network. I think just really from the podcast that we ran for four or five years, got a fairly good network of people that we can reach out to and fairly well connected in the agency space. Uh, and kind of just generally in the kind of entrepreneurial business space. So if there's any particular topics that you want us to talk about, uh, let us know. And um, I was also thinking last night, it would be good to maybe turn this thing into a podcast at some point. Um, I don't know how that would go if we're doing a lot of screen sharing and stuff, but we should definitely have that conversation. Mm-hmm <affirmative> internally. I like the name agency hours sounds like a pretty good podcast. I'd probably listen to it. Um, and so we might eventually turn this back into a, a podcast at some point too. Speaker 0 00:42:23 Cool. Speaker 2 00:42:24 Um, well it is the agency hour and so I think we should hang here for another 14 minutes, right? Because <laugh> Speaker 0 00:42:32 Pull out the base. I can pull out the base. Speaker 2 00:42:34 If you want pull out the BA I'll pull out the guitar there. Good stuff. Uh, so Hey, is this a good idea? Do you think we should keep doing agency hour? Do you think, uh, it's a good format. Do you, what do you wanna learn? Who do you wanna see? What do you wanna, you know, what do you wanna talk about? What are the conversations you wanna have? What other kits, uh, would you like to see us produce? Speaker 0 00:42:53 Oh yeah. Speaker 2 00:42:54 This is herbi Hancock, man. This is one of Oscar's favorite songs. It's called watermelon man. Um, Sanders one, the Oscar loves it cause he, he loves the flutes. Yeah. And he loves the fact that it's called watermelon Speaker 0 00:43:07 Man. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:43:10 Cool. All right, man. Well, Pete, thank you so much. Speaker 0 00:43:13 Thank you, man. Speaker 2 00:43:14 Thanks for, uh, your contributions and uh, and your work and thank you everyone for tuning in. Uh, this has been the very first, uh, episode of agency. We're gonna do it every week. Same time, eight o'clock Thursday morning, Melbourne time, which is what? 6:00 PM. Eastern Speaker 0 00:43:30 6:00 PM. Eastern for now until the clocks change. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:43:33 Cool. Awesome. All right, well, uh, have a great day everyone. Uh, let us know in the comments. We'll come back and revisit the comments and uh, we'll see you all again next week till then. I'm Troy Dean, Speaker 0 00:43:42 Pete Perry go elevate elevate. Speaker 1 00:43:46 Thanks for listening to the agency hour podcast, subscribe at apple podcasts, Spotify pocket, audible, and wherever you like to listen, you can catch all of the agency hour episodes on our YouTube channel at Mavericks. Or you can get involved, check out our free digital Mavericks Facebook group, where we broadcast these episodes live for our community every week, along with a ton of free training. We'll see you.

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