Failure is an opportunity: The impact of focusing on a clear vision

Episode 81 July 07, 2023 00:55:34
Failure is an opportunity: The impact of focusing on a clear vision
The Agency Hour
Failure is an opportunity: The impact of focusing on a clear vision

Jul 07 2023 | 00:55:34


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

Show Notes

In this weeks episode of The Agency Hour Podcast, hosted by Troy Dean of Agency Mavericks and brought to you exclusively by our esteemed sponsor, E2M Solutions, we discuss the power of a well-articulated vision, the complexities of Referrals versus White Label services, and the intricate challenges inherent in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Our special guest, Simon Mauger, CEO of Practiceedge, sheds light on his unconventional path, transitioning from Chiropractor to Digital Agency owner, revealing why he swiftly sought the wisdom of agency coaching to aid his journey.

Simon's story takes an inspiring twist as he shares the tale of him and his wife courageously buying a building and assembling a team of 24, all without prior digital or web development experience.

Join us for a compelling conversation that promises to challenge preconceived notions surrounding starting an agency, all made possible thanks to our exclusive sponsor,

Are you tired of the outdated and broken agency model? 
Chat with our team at Agency Mavericks to explore how we can help your agency increase profitability, and achieve sustainable growth. 


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