How to attract leads in less than 24 hours

Episode 44 July 15, 2022 00:56:08
How to attract leads in less than 24 hours
The Agency Hour
How to attract leads in less than 24 hours

Jul 15 2022 | 00:56:08


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

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This week on the Agency Hour, Troy shares just how easy it is to attract leads into your business for less than 6$ each in less than 24 hours!

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:00 The first thing you need to understand is getting in front of people is easy. And I'm gonna show you how we do that in a moment. The challenge that we all have is when we're in front of someone, what do we say? That is interesting to them. Speaker 1 00:00:18 If you have a vision for the agency you want to build, then we want to help you build it. Welcome to the agency. Our podcast brought to you by agency Mavericks. Speaker 0 00:00:26 Welcome, welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of the agency, our podcast live here in the digital Mavericks Facebook group. There's lots to share today. There's lots of developments. There's lots going on here at Hulu house, which is headquarters for agency Mavericks. That is the name of the new, uh, studio that we've moved into. Well, that's the name that we've given it. Um, if you are joining in this live stream in our Facebook group, the digital Mavericks Facebook group, please say hi in the comments so that I know that it's all working and that you can see me and that you can hear my lovely aging voice and you can see my lovely aging face. Let me know in the comments, just tell me what country you are from so I can get, uh, an affirmative that it's all working. And if you're listening to this on your air pods or your podcast catcher, or what, wherever you listen to, or maybe a thousand, what PA system in your lounge room, however, however you listen to your podcasts, then you should really come and join the digital Mavericks Facebook group. Speaker 0 00:01:33 Because occasionally we do things like share our screens and we show you some of the processes that we have set up for helping agencies grow. Craig grant says hi, Troy can hear you loud and clear. Excellent. Thank you, Craig. Where are you Craig, in the world? You in Australia, are you in the United States of America? Are you in the United Kingdom? Where in the world are you? And that's also what happens in the group. If you are watching this occasion, lemax pulls up a, a little bumper, uh, and shows it on the screen. A little animated segment header like he just did. Then Jen McGrory is here from Connecticut. Craig is in the UK. Thank you very much. So if you're listening to this, come and join the digital Mavericks Facebook group, just go to, search for digital Mavericks and join the group. Answer a few questions, promise not to be a Dick, and we will let you in to the group and you can join in the conversation today. Speaker 0 00:02:30 I'm going to, I'm gonna share my screen today, and I'm gonna walk you through how to get leads for your agency in the next 24 hours. In fact, if you follow the bouncing ball, you can get leads within the next three to four hours, depending on what's going on, uh, at Facebook at the time, because yes, we are gonna be using some Facebook lead ads. I'm gonna show you how to get leads, uh, super quick, typically within, you know, three to four hours. And I'm gonna talk about why this is important, and I'm gonna talk about when to use this strategy. Okay? And I'm gonna show you the results of a CA of a couple of campaigns that I've been running, and I'm gonna do a deep dive and show you why I think they're working, but before we get there, I wanna talk a little bit about what's going on in the studio here, because you might notice on my desk, James Mero, there are two drinking vessels. Speaker 0 00:03:26 There is a mug of coffee and a glass of water, but also next to me here is an elto key light. Now these things I've been using for, I don't know, the last three or four years to light myself when I make videos. And the beautiful thing about these, if you've never used, one is these things here strap on to the desk. And so I've gotta sit down, stand up desk. Don't worry. We're gonna do a full studio tour soon and give you the behind the scenes. But the reason this is sitting on my desk is because I'm not using it anymore. And I wanna tell you why these things, uh, strapped to your desk. And because my desk, as a sit stand desk, it goes up and down and they throw off a beautiful light. They're very powerful. However, what I've realized is we are in quite a big studio. Speaker 0 00:04:19 We have very high ceilings and we have lots of space here in the studio. And these things are sitting quite close to me because they're strapped to the desk. And I just wasn't loving the harshness of the light that they were throwing onto my pretty little head. So we have invested in a new, a few new lights. Um, and what I'm using now is my main light is a aperture Amran, 100 X. I'm gonna turn it off so you can see the difference. Now I've still got a couple of El Garo key lights. I've got one to my right here to fill in the shadows. And I've got one above me to light my beautiful hair in the top of my shoulders. I'm just gonna turn them off so that you can see the difference. Now, again, if you're listening to this as a podcast, this is gonna make for fascinating radio. Speaker 0 00:05:08 So you should definitely come and join the group. I'm gonna turn the, my hairlight off. Oh, there we go. So the top of my head disappears into the background and I'm gonna turn my fill light off, which is over here to the right. There we go. The side of my face disappears. So the only light on now is the aperture Amran 100 X. I'm gonna turn that off and I will disappear into the darkness altogether. The good thing I, I like about these aperture Amand lights is that you can control them with an app called CI link. So I don't need to get up there on a ladder and turn them on and off and all that kind of PVA. I can just sit here and turn it off like this. And now we're in the darkness later. And gentlemen, the only thing I've got on now is my Philips hue light sitting behind me on the set. Speaker 0 00:05:51 So I'm gonna turn my aperture, Amma and light on. There we go. That's running at about 18%. It is super powerful. In fact, let me just turn it up to a quarter, oh and a half, ah, getting bright now and full, ah, that's just way too bright. So I run this at about 18% and then what I do is, uh, because now there are some shadows on the other side of my face. That's where I use the Garo key lights to counteract the shallow and a hairlight to light the top of my head. I am full transparency going to replace these Garo key lights with more aand, which are on the way, uh, because I don't like the harshness of these Garo lights. And what I've realized is that the Garo key lights are great for YouTubers and gamers who are basically operating out of their bedroom in a very small space. Speaker 0 00:06:41 So there you go. Um, hairlight is a tad bright says, James Metron really, really well. I'll just turn it down a little bit. There we go. So having got that out of the way, that's why there's a key light sitting on my desk. Let's dive in and figure out how to get some leads for our business. Shall we now the number one conversation and the number one question that we have from people coming into our world is I need clients, right? I need, uh, leads and I need clients. Now, what I know to be true is that getting leads is like shooting fish in a barrel. It's very easy to do. What I also know is that most people don't know what to do with a lead when they get them. So here's the thing, right? That's right. Sheila, you should have just asked me. Speaker 0 00:07:37 Sheila says I spent months watching YouTube videos to get my studio lighting, right? Apparently I just needed to follow digital Mavericks. Well, you should have just pinged me on Voxer because you're in Maverick's club. You should have just asked, man. I would've told you, uh, anyway, um, so the here's what I, here's what I suspect. I suspect that most people know that getting leads is actually quite straightforward. The reason they don't do it is because they don't know what to do with the lead once they get them. Right. Which I'll talk about in a moment. And so therefore they make all these excuses about how hard it is to get leads and they don't take enough action. They get scared. They don't run any ads. They don't put up any freebees to give away. They don't do anything. They don't leave the building. They go, they don't go to networking events. Speaker 0 00:08:31 They don't comment on other people's Facebook groups. They don't do anything to try and generate leads because they don't know what to do with the leads. So in today's episode, I'm going to completely demystify lead gen once. And for all, because lead gen uh, with the world that we live in and the fact that every computer on smartphone in the world is connected. Just wrap your head around that for a second. Right? When I grew up kids, first of all, there was no mobile phones back in the day when I had to walk 300 kilometers just to get water. Uh, and there were no telephones. We were the first house in our street with the telephone. We used to have the neighbors walk in the back door, cuz the back door wasn't shut or locked in those days. You'd, I'd be in the lounge room and you'd hear hoo. Speaker 0 00:09:22 One of the neighbors would be walking in the back door. Anybody home mum would say yes, come in. Oh, how you going darling? And they'd have a bit of a catch up. And then invariably, the conversation would lead to, can I borrow your phone? Cuz we were the only ones in the house with the telephone. So this is how old I am. Right? And back then lead Jen was really bloody hard. I had to get in the car. This is what I used to do for a living. I had to get in the car. Right. And I used to drive around knocking on hairdressers, front doors and walking into salons while they're perming and putting foils in some lady's hair. And I would literally interrupt them. Hello, my name's Troy. I'm here to sell you some shampoo. Have you got a minute? And they'd be like, well, clearly not. Speaker 0 00:10:11 I'm in the middle of something you idiot. Can you go away? And don't come back. That's what lead gen looked like when I started out now, right? Every telephone and computer in the world is connected. Just wrap your little head around that for a second. Every there are more smartphones in the world than people figure that out. More smartphone than people. What the fuck? Why do we need more smartphones than there are people, Oscar and Goldie do not have a smartphone. So there's two straight off. We should have two more people than smartphones, but we don't. We have more smartphones than people, right? And more smartphone than computers. Okay. And they're all connected via the internet. That is very tightly controlled by three fascist oligos in America. I'm kidding. Uh, so you have access to everyone on the planet and I'm gonna prove now how easy it is to get them to put up their hand and express interest in what it is you're doing. So for the sake of this exercise, we are gonna pretend that I am an agency and that I build websites and do SEO and lead gen for lawyers. Speaker 0 00:11:39 We need like a sound effect like Dragnet, max, Don dun. And so, so here's the thing because the first thing you need to understand is getting in front of people is easy. And I'm gonna show you how we do that in a moment. The challenge that we all have is when we're in front of someone, what do we say? That is interesting to them. And let me give you a hint. There is not one lawyer on the planet right now, who is in some kind of mental anguish because they know they need to fix their website. That person does not exist. Okay. So if you find yourself in front of a lawyer and you have an opportunity to speak with them, I would suggest that you do not start the conversation by telling them that you can help them with their website and their SEO because they will probably fall asleep or they'll probably just walk off in the opposite direction and completely ignore you because they are busy. Speaker 0 00:12:50 So let's just go and visit Facebook for a moment. I'm gonna share my screen and I'm going to share a post that I put up a little while ago on my own personal Facebook profile for no reason whatsoever, other than I'm an idiot. And I wanted to share something that was working and I had no strategic reason for doing this whatsoever. I did not expect anything to come from it at all. Okay. So I'm gonna share my screen here. And uh, here it is, here is the post. I took a photo in my office, which is, uh, which is just the other side of where I'm sitting at the moment, the other side of the, uh, the petition, the, the glass wall, uh, in my office, I was having a bit of, uh, an issue, not making eye contact with people on zoom. Right. And I learned this from, uh, my man, uh, Ian Salsbury, I think his name's Ian what's what's Mr. Speaker 0 00:13:49 Salisbury's. First name is that Alan or Ian Salsbury. Can't remember. Anyway, uh, he's in the E cam live, um, Facebook group and he shares a lot of information about live streaming. And one of the things that he shared was how to do eye contact on zoom. So I went down that rabbit hole and learned from one of his free videos. And I set up a little teleprompter in front of my camera, strapped to my desk with one of those beautiful El GTO lights that I was just telling you about, right? So that people can see me. And on that teleprompter, I put my iPad and then I plugged it into my computer. And I use a little app called duet air to flip the iPad image around so that when I see it in the teleprompter, everyone's looking the right way. I can also use this for doing presentations and making sales videos, because I can use the iPad as a, as an actual teleprompter and I can read the script. Speaker 0 00:14:44 Right. But in this instance, I'm just using it so that I can make eye contact with people on zoom. Okay. And, uh, look at this 57 comments, including Jeremy. CAPOW great. Last name. What a fantastic last name he should be in Batman. Jeremy CAPOW said you are a genius. Well, maybe I'm not sure about that, but let's go and have a look at some of these comments. Oh, look at this. David Vogel poll from WP engine left a comment, Matt Jones, one of our Mavericks club members, Pete Buie. Haven't haven't spoken to Pete for a long time. Paul Holland asked a question, Noah Britain piped up. Lots of quest, lots of comments here, right? Sherry walling. One of my favorite humans, Ian Anderson gray. One of my favorite live streamers. There we go. Chimed in Dave Foy, right? Look at this 57 comments. Right? Crazy. Now what happened as a result of that is I had someone reach out to me in messenger and they said, Hey, you know, there's a business in setting this up. Speaker 0 00:15:52 That, that I contact zoom teleprompter thing. There's a business in setting that up for people. And I said, yes, I know there is, it's not the business I'm gonna go into though, because the idea of coming to your office and, uh, setting this up for you, you couldn't pay me enough brother. So it's a good idea, but I'm not gonna do it. So feel free to do it. And he said, I'm a lawyer. And I said, I know. And uh, I said, out of interest, how much would you pay someone to do that? And he said, oh, probably a thousand dollars plus whatever the parts are that I need now in order to do this properly, properly. And, and I'll come back to the lawyer in a second in order to do this properly. I don't think you can use a little Logitech webcam, right? Speaker 0 00:16:37 I think you need a half decent digital S SLR camera with a half decent lens. And the kit that I recommend is the Sony, a 6,400 mirrorless camera with a Sigma 16 mil lens for, for in the office. There, it's a beautiful kit. It's gonna set you back. I don't know, probably somewhere between two and three grand, depending on what day of the week you buy it on and where you buy it from the teleprompt is a couple of hundred bucks, right? And then an iPad. So, you know, whatever it's gonna maybe cost you four, three and a half, four grand for a lawyer who cares. And then someone to set it up right now, the reason the lawyer wanted to do this is not just for client meetings. Think about it. Why do you, when you are using a lawyer, you are typically speaking. Speaker 0 00:17:23 You have a lot to lose or a lot to gain lawyers, win or lose, and it can change people's lives. It can put people in jail, it can send them broke. It can end in them not getting custody of their children. Lawyers are dealing with very, in very high stake situations. And without a setup like this, they're gonna be looking down at their computer when they're on client calls, they'll be saying, oh yes, John. I understand it's a very terrible situation. Um, but you know, bigger, me's not legal in Australia and you do have five wives. And so that's why they're divorcing you. And you're probably gonna run out of money and go broke because you're an idiot. It's not very good. If they're looking at the computer doing that, they wanna be able to look at John and tell him in the face that he's an idiot. Speaker 0 00:18:13 And that bigger me is illegal, right? And not only for client meetings, but when they're in court, they zoom into court. Zooms become a verb, just like Google and Hoover. They zoom into court and they don't wanna be looking down at the screen saying, yes, your honor, I know that big and MES are legal, but I really think you should have some, you know, sympathy for my poor messed up client. Who's married five wives. They wanna look at the judge. And the way to do that is to have this setup with the teleprompter. And you know, so this is why the lawyer is saying to me, this is important. Okay. Now, if <laugh> thanks for playing along, if, uh, if I was a web designer and an SEO guy or a digital marketing guy, and I was still looking for clients and my clients that I was looking for were lawyers. Speaker 0 00:19:07 Then this guy's just given me a massive gift in messenger by telling me that he would pay money to have this problem solved. Right? So last week I was on a call with our sales accelerator clients. Now sales accelerator is a program that we run. This is not a pitch by the way, but I just wanna give you some context as to what the hell sales accelerator is and what it's got to do with what I'm talking about. Sales accelerator is a program that we run. It's a three month guided coaching program where people get to hang out with me and Pete crispy butter, Perry every week. And we help them fix their sales process. The number one reason people don't do lead gen is because they don't have a sales process. And last week on the call, we had a bunch of people in sales accelerator saying, well, we're pretty confident now, and blah, blah, blah. Speaker 0 00:19:57 We've got the sales process done up and we wanna book more calls. How do we book more calls? And I said, right, I'm gonna show you how to book leads fast. So I opened up Facebook ads, which I'm gonna show you in a minute. And I started a campaign and I had no idea what was gonna happen. Right. And I was winging it. It was on the fly. I said, okay, let's pretend that I'm going after lawyers. So instead of running a Facebook campaign about me and what I do, let's run a Facebook campaign that I think might appeal to the lawyers. So this is remember before, when I said that, I'm gonna explain when to use this strategy. Well, here it is. This is one time when Facebook ads is really, really helpful and it is to do what I call verify a hypothesis. Speaker 0 00:20:55 I had an idea that I could talk to lawyers about making eye contact on zoom as a way of starting a conversation. And the reason that I had that idea is because this lawyer pinged me in messenger and told me that he would pay money to have this problem solved. That's a pretty big buying signal there, ladies and gentlemen, that's a pretty big indication that he has a need that he's willing to pay money to solve right now, full transparency, what I'm going to do at some point, max and I are going to make a video, a series of videos here in the new studio show. You know, those YouTube style videos that go into great painstaking detail and show the guy under the desk, ringing the thing up and plugging the cable in. We're going to make some videos like that, showing people how to set up this eye contact on zoom, set up with the teleprompter, and we're gonna publish that for free. Speaker 0 00:21:53 And all of the products in that are going be linked off to my page, which is full of my Amazon affiliate links. And I'm going to share that publicly with everyone. I know who wants to make eye contact on zoom and they'll go and buy all the shit from Amazon and I'll make a little bit of money that way. Right? So that's what I'm gonna do ultimately with this, because I don't want lawyers because I don't build websites anymore. And I don't run campaigns for lawyers anymore. Right. But if you did follow along, because I think there's something to learn here. So what I did is I'm now going to use Facebook lead ads to validate whether or not this idea has legs. Can I start a conversation with a lawyer about eye contact on zoom? And can I continue that con first of all, can I generate any interest whatsoever? Speaker 0 00:22:46 And then if I do, can I continue that conversation and form a relationship, be super helpful and then pivot the conversation to something like, Hey, by the way, your website to pile of shit and definitely need some work. I might know someone who can help you, but I'm not gonna start the conversation with that. I'm gonna start the conversation by being super helpful and helping them make eye contact on zoom. If I come over to Facebook and I go to my page here, you'll see now, where are we do do, oh, dear. Uh, I'm just gonna search Troy Dean and I'll find my page. We go and I'll come to my page. I'm an entrepreneur apparently. Um, 1,300 people like it. If I go to my page now you'll see here in the sidebar. I have my leads center. Okay. Just make sure you guys can see that. Speaker 0 00:23:41 Yes, again, this is where you would access your leads. If you have the center in your Facebook account, you may not. And if you don't, then you should call Facebook on the phone and request it and see how far that gets you. As I said, otherwise, you can actually download your leads within the ads manager, which is a pain in the ass, but anyway, that's a whole other conversation. So what I wanted to do was I wanted to find out if people were interested in, uh, this piece of content. So what I did is I started this campaign called lawyer eye contact. And then within the campaign, I set up an ad set. The first ad set I set up was this one for the us. And all I did was targeted. I'm not gonna bore you with all the painstaking details now, but all I did was targeted, uh, human beings aged between 35 and 60 male and female. That was it. That's my interest targeting. Speaker 0 00:24:40 And then I spent $10 a day on that ad set. I'll tell you how I got all these other ad sets in a moment. And then I set up an ad. Now my ad is a lead generation ad on Facebook. And what that means is that Facebook collects the name and email address directly within Facebook. There is no need to set up a landing page. There is no need to set up any pixels. There is no need to go into click funnels or WordPress and do anything. All I'm doing is collecting a name and an email address directly within Facebook, which is probably why these leads are so cheap because they're not leaving the Facebook platform. I suspect when I start driving traffic off Facebook to my own page, which I will not for lawyers, but for another example, I'll show you in a moment. Speaker 0 00:25:34 I suspect that the leads will get more expensive because I'm sending people off Facebook, but that's okay. I think I've validated the idea and it's worth pursuing. So in the, let me show you the ad, okay? So I made this ad one ad set and I called the ad set us because I'm just targeting the us. And I made an ad called eye contact. And here's the ad. The ad says this. Now remember my interest targeting is very, very broad. I'm targeting all people between the age of 35 and 60 or 30 and 60, I think in the us, I don't care who they are and I'm letting my copy call them out. So I'm using what's called dog whistle copy because the first line of my copy says attention lawyers. Now, if I was smart in the us, I would probably say attention attorneys, cuz that's what they call them. Speaker 0 00:26:38 But I'm an idiot. So I didn't do that attention lawyers, if you wanna make eye contact with people on zoom, read this it's genius. Isn't it. Attention lawyers make eye contact on zoom is the headline. And it's a lead generation ad, which means Facebook then asked me to plug it into one of my existing lead forms or create a new form. Now I'm not gonna walk you through exactly how to create a form, cuz that would be boring for you. However, uh, we, all I did was I created the form, right? I put the picture up in the form of the post that I did on Facebook showing the teleprompter and the zoom, right? Which that, by the way, that photo was taken with my iPhone accidentally during a team meeting, I went, Hey, that's pretty cool. I'm gonna take a photo of that and share it on Facebook. Speaker 0 00:27:36 And then my form basically says, the same thing is the ad. This is really important. They see the ad, they click next or they click whatever they click learn more. And then they see this form super important that the form basically says the same thing as the ad. And I just went into a little more detail. He said, attention lawyers make eye contact on, on zoom. The world has changed and we are now spending our lives, communicating with each other on zoom. The problem is we all end up looking down at our screens and not making eye contact with each other anymore. There is a simple and inexpensive way to fix this. So you can make eye contact with your clients and in court when using zoom click next and I'll send you my free cheat sheet. Well, it's not I'm, it's not really a cheat sheet anyway, they click on next. Right? And I just ask them for their name and their email. Speaker 0 00:28:33 And then there's a privacy thing that says, yes, I'm gonna take you details and email you a hundred times a day until you buy something or take out a restraining order against me. And they agreed to the privacy policy. And then on the thank you page, I go, Hey, cool, go check this out. And I put a link to the post. I just send them, oh no, it's ridiculous. I just send them to that post that there is no cheat sheet. I send them to this post. Uh, here we go. I clicked on the name, the date and the time of that post on Facebook. And it gives me the PERMA link. There it is, right. There's the PERMA link. So I just send them here. Finally got the iPad set up and the teleprompter so I can look people in the eye on zoom. Speaker 0 00:29:19 Now this is not a very good experience for someone who opts into my lead ad form because there is no cheat sheet. There's just a post with a bunch of comments and they go, well, thanks. Not very helpful, but that's okay. I don't care because I don't want the lawyers right now and I don't have anything to sell them. All I was doing was proving whether or not I could get people to put their hand up and express interest at this point, by the way, if I was doing this for reals at this point, I would, uh, send them to a page. I would opt into a, I would create a page on my website with that picture, right. And this post on Facebook. And I would just put that picture and then I would put, I would write out my cheat sheet. I would just describe how I've done it. Speaker 0 00:30:04 Yep. So that they get some value out of it. Uh, the all I'm trying to do is prove whether or not they're interested and I've proven that because if I go back to the ad campaign, we have collected 62 leads at a cost of $4, 25 per lead. Okay. Now why did I just create one ad set to begin with? I created one ad set to begin with to get the ad, right. And then all I did was duplicated the ad set four times and changed the audience, targeting in each adset to reflect the country. So literally all I did was went in to the duplicate a adset and went don't target the us target Canada, uh, 30 to 60 look. No, absolutely no different I'll show you. I'll just go into the adset the Canadian adset right here we go. Adset Canada edit and I'll show you. Speaker 0 00:30:58 Right. Dad said it's called Canada. Right? Very cryptic. I know the, uh, it's a lead it's optimized for leads, right? I'm spending $10 a day. Right? Uh, I set this for a week. I had to set this for a week because the last time I did this experiment, I left it running and I ended up with 400 leads in my thing and I didn't want them and I just wasted a bunch of money. So I set this for a week and then I'm gonna turn it off here, here, here we go. Look at this awesome audience targeting Canada, 35 to 60. That's it that's it. Right. So then I went back and I duplicated the, the ad sets and just renamed them, changed the country. And that was it. And then what I did is I turned all the ad sets off except one. And I, I published the campaign and that sent it off to Facebook where they have about 8 million people working in a call center in the Philippines. Speaker 0 00:31:53 And someone there looked at my ad and went okay and approved it. And once it was approved, which by the way happened like really quick, within like an hour, never usually happens that quick, but it did must have got them on a quiet patch. And then I went and just turned all my other ad sets on knowing full well that they were probably gonna be approved because the first one had been approved. I just turned all the other ad assets on published my changes and they all went live and I started getting leads within about two or three hours. Okay. Is this helpful? Speaker 0 00:32:26 Anyone? Is this helpful to anyone? Let me know in the chat, if this is helpful. So then what I did is I thought, you know what, I'm also gonna do this for agency Mavericks. Do you wanna see that? So again, I have a separate ad account for agency Mavericks. I dunno why this was, I think this was part of our rebrand. I've ended up with a separate ad account for agency Mavericks, right? That I play in, and this is not our main ad account. I just play in this ad account. Cuz if I played in our main ad account, TSU would probably kill me who runs our ads. So I just play in the sandbox, right? Let me make sure the dates are good. So I'll go seventh to today. Here we go. I'll update. Now here, I'll show you what I'm doing here. I'll show you the ad campaign and I'll show you the ad sets and the ads. Speaker 0 00:33:27 And it might not surprise you that they're very similar. All I'm doing here is I'm verifying an idea that I can get in front of agency owners and talk to them about paid discovery. I have an idea. And the reason I have this idea is twofold. One, we just sold a course called the paid discovery method, which did really well. Second of all, I've been in other Facebook groups where lots of agency owners hang out and paid discovery is a conversation, right? Paid discovery is definitely a conversation. I'm not gonna show you the other Facebook groups because I don't wanna be that guy. But pick your niche, find where your people are hanging out online, whether it's LinkedIn or Facebook groups or circle communities or whatever, and have a look at what the conversations are. What are people asking? And lots of people in my world, lots of freelancers and agency owners are kind of tired giving away lots of free information and then writing proposals and the client disappearing or worse in three months time, they look at that person's website and go, holy shit. Speaker 0 00:34:35 They just stole all my ideas and someone's updated their website. And I haven't been paid for my thoughts. There's big frustration in our industry with that kind of stuff. Right? So what I did, yes, that's exactly right. Facebook user says, so you suggest lead form adds to test before sending to a landing page. Exactly. Why? Because it's super quick. I don't need to build a landing page. What is the point in building a landing page? If I can't get someone to click on an ad, if you can't get someone to click on an ad, the landing page is irrelevant. Cuz no one ain't gonna go there cuz they're not clicking on an ad. Right? So let's get them to click on an ad first. Then let's build the landing page. And if we build the landing page and something breaks, then we know it's probably the landing page cuz the ad works cuz we've got them clicking on the ad. Speaker 0 00:35:33 Right? So, so what I did is I started a campaign, a lead generation campaign on Facebook called PDM verify, paid discovery method. Verify. I just wanna verify an idea. I haven't I've had a brain fart as Oscar would call it. And I just wanna know whether or not my brain fart has legs. So I started a campaign called PDM verified. I created an ad set, hang on, let me just do this. I created an ad set called us, cuz guess what I'm gonna do there. I'm gonna target people in the us. And then in that ad set, I created an ad and my ad is called fastest way to acquire new clients. And I went looking through the media in our media library in this particular ad account. And for some reason, this picture was here of me photoshopped onto Tom cruiser's body in top gun. Speaker 0 00:36:38 Number one with his thumb up sitting in his F 14 Tomcat cockpit. I thought that's pretty cool. Our, our designer who used to work with is Ben. He made that up for me and had it printed on a canvas. And I thought that's cool. It's topical Maverick out at the movies right now. I'm talking about the fastest way to get clients. I've put about three seconds worth of thought into this. By the way I found that ad that picture in our library and went that's cool. I'll use that. And it looks a bit silly. So I'll use that, uh, ad name fastest way to acquire new clients. Facebook page agency Mavericks is gonna be the page promoting this ad. And then, uh, what does the ad say? Uh, first of all, the targeting is, guess what? Us? 30 to 60 all genders. That's it. That's my interest targeting. Speaker 0 00:37:28 My copy says attention, web design and digital agencies. If you wanna convert new clients at up to 85%, read this. Now we do have clients converting. We have a, we Haveli just for clarity. Our clients are agency owners and freelancers, just like you guys, listening to this podcast and watching in the live stream, right? We have clients just like you, who are converting new clients at 85% using paid discovery. So I'm not making some bogus claiming I can prove that I can back that up. So then there's a bit of copy here right now. The copy I wrote very similar to the copy on the legal ad. All I'm doing is going, Hey guys, the world has changed. And I love, I love that because you know, I learned this from ACLA. What you wanna do is you wanna basically prove to people that there is a reason they should pay attention. Speaker 0 00:38:21 And the one, the fastest way to prove to people that they should be paying attention is to tell them that things have changed. Why if things changed well, usually if you can give them, uh, what I call and again, I learned this from a, I call it the set you can give. 'em a social reason, an economic reason and a technological reason why the world has changed. Then they can't argue with it. And the pandemic is a pretty big thing, right? So I just say here, attention, web design and digital agencies, if you wanna convert new clients up to 85% read this, the world has changed. And the post pandemic business owner doesn't have time to sit through long and boring sales calls disguised as free strategy sessions. They wanna get moving and they want results. We've developed a secret method that is helping agency owners get clients to sign on way faster and getting those clients results way faster. Speaker 0 00:39:16 And some of our agency clients are closing at a whopping 85%, click the button to learn more. And then the little headline says convert new clients for your agency at 85%, no BS. And then the call to action is learn more. And then what happens is you guess it, they go through an instant lead form, right? That I very cryptically called PDM 85% close, cuz I wanna know what that form is about. Right? We collect their name, their email address. Here's the form attention web design and digital agencies discover the secret to closing new clients up to 85% without long and boring sales calls disguised as free strategy sessions, no BS. They click on next and gimme their name, email. And also I'm asking for a phone number for these agency clients, because I want to call them while I don't. I want my team to call them right then the privacy policy again. Speaker 0 00:40:20 Right. Uh, and then Woohoo, click the link below to discover the secret, to closing new clients for your agency at up to 85%, I've named the button discover now. And guess what? When they go there, when they click that link, I just send them to the sales page for our course paid discovery method. Right? I don't care at this point. I don't care if they buy paid discovery or not. That's not the point. The point is how much is it going to cost me to get a name, an email, and a phone number for an agency owner? Well, let's go and have a look. Speaker 0 00:41:02 Here are the campaign results. 26 leads at a cost of $10 94 for a name, an email and a phone number, right? They're that is they're about the cheapest leads name, email phone number. They're about the cheapest leads you can get. I haven't even given these leads to my team yet. I know my team are watching this right now, going Troy, give me the fucking lead so I can call them. I haven't even done that yet because I'm an idiot. We've been a bit busy playing with new lights. So ladies and gentlemen, once, and for all, please, if anybody says to you that they're having trouble generating leads for their business, please send them to a replay of this here podcast episode and tell them you're not having trouble generating leads. You're just not taking enough action. And you are probably sabotaging your own success because you probably don't know what to do with the leads. Once you get them, by the way, what I'm doing with these leads, I haven't done anything with the agency leads yet with the legal leads, I'm gonna stop sharing my screen with the legal leads, right? Uh, guess what I did. Speaker 0 00:42:24 I sent them an email. I know it's shocking. Isn't it? I DIDNT automate it. I did not log into Zia. I didn't log into active campaign or go high level, which is what we are using for all of our automation and stuff. These days I found their email address in the lead center in Facebook and I in Facebook, the, if you've got access to the lead center and you're one of the cool kids, uh, then you can actually move them through a different stage of a pipeline. So I did that. I just said that they are now in progress. And I clicked on the email address and it opened my email account and I sent them an email and the email said, I'm not gonna share my screen. Let me see if I can actually remember what the email said. The email said, hi, Diana, let me see. I'm seeing if I can find out I can't doesn't matter. I said, hi, Diana. I, this is literally what I said. I saw you clicked my ad about making eye contact on zoom. Wanted to make sure it all made sense. Please let me know if you have any questions, PS, I literally have nothing to sell you right now. I just wanna help. Speaker 0 00:44:00 Troy and I have had a couple of responses. This was about three days ago when I generated 30 odd leads. And I think I've emailed about 12 of them, cuz I'm just lazy. And I've been playing with lights and I've had a couple of responses. One from a lawyer here who has an office in Melbourne and Bendigo and whose website is a disaster. That's okay. I'm not gonna fix their website because I don't do that anymore. But I'll probably refer them on to one of our Mavericks members. So here you go. Here's a client go and have a conversation with them. And uh, we are now in conversation. It's cost me at that point. It had cost me about a hundred dollars to generate the 30 odd leads and to actually start an email conversation with a real human being, with a heartbeat who is perfect audience, perfect client, technically not very savvy, not really sure how to set up admitted in the email that she wasn't, it proficient her words. Speaker 0 00:45:06 Uh, doesn't really know how to set this up, wants to set it up. Also said that she wants to be able to help her clients set this up, right? Not tech savvy, but knows she needs to do it, which is why their website's a disaster. Right? Super easy, super easy to have a conversation, be super helpful and then pivot the conversation towards, Hey, what other challenges do you have in the business that I might be able to help you with? Do you wanna talk about your website after you've built a bit of trust and you've helped them out, right? Because here's the thing. Once you help somebody with something it's amazing how quickly they believe that you can help them with all these other things. Even if they're not related. I mean, I'm essentially a business coach and I've had people ask me what they should buy for their 16 year old niece's birthday. Speaker 0 00:46:02 I have no idea why they think I would be helpful in that realm. But so, um, once you've helped them with something it's very easy to then ask them if they need help with any other things like their website or the things that you can actually help them with to get paid for. Now, I'm not suggesting that you go and run around town and set up teleprompters for lawyers. That's not what I would do here at all. Right. I would just, if it were me, I've found something that they need help with. I would publish an epic video, which we would probably do because we can and it's fun showing them how to set this up. And I would just give it to them and share it with them. And I would track whether or not they'd watched it. And if they had, I would recall them, Hey Diane, I saw you watched the video. Speaker 0 00:46:46 Do you have any questions? I'm not gonna come outta your office and help you do this, but I'm happy to walk you through it over the phone. Why are you being so helpful? Because I wanna fix your website. We're starting the conversation by being helpful with something that they actually need help with. And by the way, if, if a lawyer says to you that they would pay a thousand dollars to have this problem solved and you publish a free piece of content to help them, you can bet that there are other lawyers who also need this problem solved who will come and look at your free piece of content that will position you as someone super helpful for that target audience. I mean, this is, I am a genius. It's true. I am a genius, but it all starts with understanding what your audience actually need help with. Speaker 0 00:47:34 And they don't, most of them know they need help with their website, but it's not top of mind unless they're in eCommerce and they're hemorrhaging money. That's a whole other conversation, right? So let me know in the comments, if you have any questions and I will come back and I will make other videos, now that we have more lights, I will make other videos to answer your questions. If you are listening to this as a podcast, please come to the digital Mavericks Facebook group and come to the agency hour on Thursday, 14th of July, 2022 Melbourne time. And watch the replay and ask questions in the comments, introduce yourself and say, hi, I was listening to this on my AirPods. And I'm here to ask some questions, ask questions, and I will make videos to answer those questions, right? Speaker 0 00:48:23 So James asks, how would you go about pre-qualifying on price? Does the niche problem dictate base price? Well, if here's, here's what I know, right. I look for, I look for problems that people are questions that people are asking and existing products that might exist to solve that problem. And products is usually books, courses, other coaches, consultants. So if, for example, I was in an agency group and I heard lots of agency owners asking about getting better performance out of their remote team. And if I saw enough of that conversation, I would go, Hmm. I wonder if anyone's making any serious coin out of selling how to get a good performance out of remote team to not just agency owners, but to any business owner. Right? And then I would go and research and I would try and find someone doing really well, selling a course or a book or a consulting or a workshop or a piece of software to help get better performance out of remote teams. Speaker 0 00:49:37 Now I know that that there definitely is a business there because I could point you to a hundred pieces of software that are designed to do that. Slack is one of them. Multi-billion dollar company bought by Salesforce for an obscene amount of money, all about getting better performance out of remote teams, Asana, click up, uh, rescue time. There are hundreds of apps that are all designed and are worth lots and lots of money. They may not be profitable, but that's a whole other conversation. Lots of software companies worth lots of money about getting better performance out of remote teams. So I would instantly go, yes, there is a need here because there are agency owners talking about it and they are saying that this is super important and it's costing the money and they wanna fix it. And there are other people who've already proven that there's money in this niche because look at all the examples of people making money out of this exact problem air. Speaker 0 00:50:26 So then what I would do is I would position myself as the guy that helps agency owners, or I would actually in this case position agency Mavericks as the brand that helps agency owners get better performance out of their remote teams. Now I have an idea, that's a hypothesis. How would I test that hypothesis? How would I know whether or not I can actually get people to give me their name, email and phone number for, I don't know, 15, $20 for a name, email and phone number for an agency owner. Who's got a remote team and feels like he's not getting the best performance out of them. Speaker 0 00:51:01 Let's run a Facebook lead ad and see right before we do anything before we go build a product before we do anything, let's verify the, the hypothesis. Yeah, got it. Uh, Facebook user says, how do you ensure that your audience doesn't get ad fatigue, waste your dollars showing to the same people who ignore them. So this is a whole other conversation. It's a deep dive around Facebook ads training, which I'm not gonna do here, but it comes down to frequency. By the way, I would run a Facebook lead ad for a week, right? Unless it went, unless it went viral and I was getting, and my team got on, like if I give these agency contacts to my team and they get on the call and they start booking sales calls and we start closing high ticket clients, I'm gonna leave the ad running. In fact, I'll probably leave it running for another week just to see what happens. Speaker 0 00:51:52 Right. But typically what I'll do is I'll turn the ad off. I'll go right. Tick, that message works. We've got a message. Now, if you really wanna do this, right? So, so Facebook user, it comes down to frequency. If you can see in Facebook ads, if you can see that your ad is being shown, you know, 12 times a day, and it's not getting the responses, turn it off, cuz people are just getting fatigued by. But typically, uh, the advanced version of this is that you run multiple messages. So what you do is in an ad set for the us, for example, you would run three ads in each ad set. And what you're doing is you're testing a different message. So for paid discovery, I could say, and this is something we're gonna do. I would say, this is the fastest way to close new clients at up to 85%. Speaker 0 00:52:46 That's an angle that I would test. And I'm testing that now. And it's working. I would then also do, uh, how to get paid, to think and get paid even more to do. And then the copy would say something like, Hey, you know how we always like give away our ideas and experience for free on these stupid strategy calls. And then someone hires us to actually do the thing and they just wanna negotiate on price and screw us into the ground. Well, how'd you like to get paid to think and then get paid even more to implement the thing that's what paid discovery could do for you. And the other one, I would probably the other angle I'll probably test is, Hey, let's stop writing proposals and actually get paid to pitch to clients. That's a genius idea, same message. The world has changed. Business owners don't wanna sit through long, boring strategy sessions, which everyone knows is a sales call. Speaker 0 00:53:36 They want results and they want results fast. And we know that people value what they pay for. So how do you get paid to think and then get paid even more to actually do the thing. Ah, we've got a secret method. Check this out, click the link name, email, phone number, send them off to the paid discovery sales page. Right? So you could test multiple ads in each ad set just to see which angle flies got it. Right. Hey, I don't know about you, but this is about the most fun I've had with my pants on, in recent history. I'm gonna do this again. This is lots of fun. And uh, let me know in the comments. If you have any questions, I will come back and I will make separate videos to answer your questions. All right, for now I'm gonna go play with some more lights and our stage. Speaker 0 00:54:22 I know it's amazing. Can't wait to start shooting some content on the stage, which we're gonna do today. All right. If you are listening to this as a podcast, please come and join the digital Mavericks Facebook group. Uh, make sure you subscribe and like this and follow us wherever you are. Following us along Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, whatever you're doing. And um, by the way, let us know if you'd like us to live stream this show onto YouTube. I have a theory. I reckon we should do this in the group and on YouTube at the same time. There we go. Just for fun. Why not? Uh, we look forward to seeing you again next week on the agency hour. I have no idea what's happening next week on the agency hour, but someone will let us know, keep your eyes on the group for more information there. Speaker 0 00:55:05 And if you wanna talk to us about solving any of these problems in your agency, lead gen your sales process, hiring a remote team, uh, fixing your standard operating procedures, building your recurring revenue, building your signature system, firing yourself from your agency altogether and, uh, having your agency, uh, deliver profit without you actually being on the tools. Then email support agency, and have a chat with one of our team. And we'll see if we can help you. I'll see you next week on the agency out until then. I'm Troy Dean. Have a great week. Bye for now. Speaker 1 00:55:36 Thanks for listening to the agency hour podcast, subscribe at apple podcasts, Spotify pocket, audible, and wherever you like to listen, you can catch all of the agency hour episodes on our YouTube channel at Mavericks. Or you can get involved, check out our free digital Mavericks Facebook group, where we broadcast these episodes live for our community every week, along with a ton of free training. We'll see you there.

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