Reducing growing pains with Juliana Marulanda

Episode 84 August 04, 2023 00:37:41
Reducing growing pains with Juliana Marulanda
The Agency Hour
Reducing growing pains with Juliana Marulanda

Aug 04 2023 | 00:37:41


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

Show Notes

In this episode, we welcome Juliana Marulanda to shed light on the myriad challenges agencies often encounter as they hit different revenue benchmarks, and the strategies that can help them break these ceilings by leveraging the right resources.

Juliana and Johnny embark on an in-depth discussion about reducing the growing pains inherent in scaling marketing agencies, and the dynamic journey of transitioning from an operator to a CEO, and eventually, an investor. They talk about how marketing strategies inevitably need to evolve as agencies expand, and they discuss the often neglected component in marketing - management technology.

Juliana shares valuable insights on the pillars of process, which are integral to any successful agency. They delve into the importance of delivering consistent client results through solid processes, focusing particularly on the 'Four Pillars of Process.'

One of the most exciting parts of their conversation is diagnosing what Juliana calls 'Founder-itis,' a growth bottleneck that can hinder an agency's potential. They discuss how important it is for the Subject Matter Expert to effectively 'download their brain,' which means transferring their unique knowledge to the team for the agency's continued success.

The episode also touches upon the strategic use of White Label services and its impact on business growth. Lastly, Juliana imparts some quick, actionable tips for enhancing your business operations and profitability.

Don't miss out on this engaging conversation, packed with a wealth of insights and practical advice that can revolutionize the way you run and grow your agency.

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