Experimenting with Tikety Tok

Episode 49 August 19, 2022 01:03:09
Experimenting with Tikety Tok
The Agency Hour
Experimenting with Tikety Tok

Aug 19 2022 | 01:03:09


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

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We don't know anything at all about this tickety tokety stuff to be honest BUT thankfully we had the opportunity to catch up with Julia Taylor, Chief Geek & Founder of GeekPack who has just spent 7 months experimenting and has been capturing ACTUAL LEADS!

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Since I got on TikTok, we have tracked everything. So I know exactly how many leads we have added, um, to our email list from TikTok, which is 9,300. Um, and that was in January, starting in kind of January, February. Speaker 1 00:00:16 What, sorry, what the fuck? How many? Speaker 0 00:00:18 9,300, 9,300 forum. I have my spreadsheet here Speaker 1 00:00:23 Leads 9,300 leads. Speaker 0 00:00:26 Email list emails. Yep. Speaker 1 00:00:27 Holy shit. Speaker 0 00:00:29 Yep. And, and that was, uh, um, do I know how many of those were organic versus, um, I'm not sure if I know that, but I know, um, on our, our revenue that we, that we got from TikTok, I know the difference between organic and and ads. So when we started to see traction, I thought, okay, I wanna run TikTok ads. Uh, and, and we did, and, and I know exactly how much we spent on TikTok ads, which by the way, are so easy to run. Um, I, I just used the unorganic TikTok video that did well on its own and put money behind it. Speaker 2 00:01:09 If you have a vision for the agency you want to build, then we want to help you build it. Welcome to the agency. Our podcast brought to you by agency Mavericks. Ah, it's so Speaker 1 00:01:19 Smooth. I love this tune so much. I think it's too good to be royalty free production music. Like I would subscribe to a streaming service to listen to music like this. In fact, I do, I subscribe to several streaming services, Spotify title to listen to music like this. Most of the day, this is my jam, man. This is Speaker 1 00:01:41 It's so smooth. This is eight points later by the delegates. It's royalty free music [email protected]. And sometimes you just come across music and you think, why is this band not on like, tour and like all over the radio anyway, it's good. Isn't it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of the agency hour live here in the digital Mavericks Facebook group. Now, if I sound like a drag queen, who's been on a bender that's because I have two kids under the age of six, who basically just throw snot at me all the time. And, uh, I'm currently sleeping in a spare room in the house to try to avoid that. Uh, but it's still sleeping its way in. So you'll have to bear with me. I'll try to, uh, keep it pleasant and I'll try not to lose my voice, uh, throughout today's show. Hey, if you're listening to this as a podcast, you should really consider coming on over to Facebook and joining the digital Mavericks Facebook group or in, in further developments, because this is where we live stream the podcast at the moment. Speaker 1 00:02:42 However, I think I can announce this. We are going to start live streaming this show on our Facebook page, which is, I think facebook.com/agency Mavs, I believe is the URL for our Facebook page. And we're also gonna start live, streaming it onto YouTube. Now that may or may not happen this season. We're gonna take a, a couple of weeks break in a couple of weeks, cause I'm traveling to the states to go to word camp us and to run our Mav con event. So we are gonna take a couple of weeks off. I imagine when we come back from that break is when we will start live streaming over onto YouTube and our Facebook page, which is very exciting. Indeed, can't wait for that. Uh, but in the meantime, if you're listening to this, please like subscribe, share, do all that kind of cool stuff and uh, come and join the digital Mavericks Facebook group and be a part of the conversation. Speaker 1 00:03:28 Now today's guest, I'm very, very, very excited to have our guest on today's show. We've been in touch and kind of following each other online for a couple of years now. We've connected. I think she spoke, uh, maybe or no, hang on. I spoke at one of her summits, I think that's right. And my, the first time I discovered, uh, this person was actually on Facebook. I saw a video on Facebook of this girl wearing safety glasses, about to trash her laptop. I think it was something about, are you super frustrated with website, blah, blah. I'm like, what the hell is going on here? And I watched this person blow up a, a laptop in a Facebook video and I'm like, wow, that's ballsy. And then I went down the rabbit hole and this name kept coming up and I kept seeing this thing and this, uh, lots of talk in our group about this other person who was teaching, uh, predominantly women, how to code WordPress websites. And so ladies and gentlemen is my great pleasure of course, to introduce the one and only Julia Taylor come on down. Hey Julia, how are you? Speaker 0 00:04:31 Hello. Thank you so much for having me. That's quite an intro. Speaker 1 00:04:34 Thanks for being here. I, I know I had a bio of yours somewhere that I was supposed to read, but I generally just like to keep these things pretty organic. That is how I discovered you. Actually, I was like, what the hell is she about to do? And why is she blowing up a laptop? And, uh, then this name, uh, it, wasn't your name? It was, I think it was just Julia, the geek kept coming up in conversations. And, uh, so for those who have been living under a rock, tell us who you are, what you do and why you are here. Speaker 0 00:05:01 Yeah. Well, thank you, uh, so much for having me. I'm Julia Taylor, I'm the CEO of geek pack. Um, but online, my kind of online presence is Julia, the geek. Um, and we like, uh, Troy, like you said, we teach, um, primarily women, uh, but we do have lots of amazing guys in our, our program and our community, um, how to code, uh, and we focus primarily on WordPress, but from a, um, you know, learn the, the hard part of WordPress and WordPress development and, and, you know, really kind of getting in and fixing the hard things and cleaning up malware and you know, all the things that, that a lot of people, um, shy away from, that's very much where we are coming from to, to really, to build confidence, um, when it comes to WordPress, because as you well know, uh, there, it changes all the time. It breaks all the time. It gets, you know, there's issues. There's always things changing. So when you, when you know that kind of underlying code base, it just gives you a lot more confidence. So that's what we do and reference that video. I dunno if you can see over, uh, my head, the, that is the dynamite that I used in the video. Speaker 1 00:06:05 Wow. I'm gonna ask you a couple of questions about the video on a second, but so, uh, you are telling me you don't just teach cuz I'm being smart ass here, but I just thought building WordPress websites was just about installing element and the hello theme, and then dragging, dropping onto the page. You're actually teaching people about the underlying code base so that if they get into trouble, they can actually dig in and fix things. Speaker 0 00:06:23 It a hundred percent. That's exactly um, where, where we started now. Of course, um, WordPress is going in a, a new direction with full sight editing. And um, so we, uh, we completely revamped our, um, signature course called WP rockstar. And the, the revamp is, is, is teaching full sight editing as it's, as it's kind of evolving. Um, but the, the, the predecessor, the pre, um, kind of course, that still exists and is still worthwhile. We, we do, we build a WordPress website entirely from scratch. Um, so you, you really kind of dig into the PHP. Speaker 1 00:07:01 Um, do you do, I'm not gonna park here too long, but there's a couple of things I wanna talk about regarding WordPress. Do you follow the, the famous five minute installation process? And have you actually got that down to five minutes yet? Speaker 0 00:07:11 <laugh> um, yes, I, I'm a big proponent of my students, um, using local. So, uh, it's a environment and that installs within seconds. Yes. Speaker 1 00:07:22 Great. Yeah, it's awesome. And also, uh, again, the only thing I wanna say here about WordPress is the interesting story that came out. I think early this week where Matt Mullenweg was asking why it took three weeks to rebuild the homepage and the download page on wordpress.org where, you know, I could do it in Ws in a couple of hours. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:07:40 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Awesome. Speaker 1 00:07:43 Uh, Matt, Matt, we know buddy, we've been trying to tell you this for a long time, welcome to our world. <laugh> uh, so, um, now, so I just wanna, I just wanna go back a little way. When did you discover WordPress? When did you, like, why did you start playing with WordPress? Speaker 0 00:08:03 Sure. So I, um, it, it kind of goes back quite ways and we, we had a quick chat about this, uh, before going live. I, um, back in 2008, I used to work for the us intelligence community. Um, and in two, I worked for them prior to that, but in 2008, I was deployed to Afghanistan on my first deployment. And while I was there, I met my now husband. Um, and, um, he was in the military and we met, we, we fell in love. We did long distance for a long time deployed more times. And, um, I ended up leaving my job with the us government and moved to the UK. He's British, so move to the UK. And I, um, became a military wife, which I'm immensely proud of. Um, but my career progression really took a nose dive. And I went from kind of random job here to there and we moved a lot and it was, um, it was very different from what I, what I had in my job with the government. Speaker 0 00:08:58 And I was in one of my jobs, one of these nine to fives and my boss, um, tells me to make some change on our website. And I have no idea what he's, I know what he's asking for, but I have no idea how to achieve it. I have no tech background. I have no tech, I have a, a degree in Russian of all things. So none of, I didn't have any of that kind of techy background, none of it. And, um, I thought, okay, well, you know, I'm up for a challenge. So I Google what he's asked for and sure enough, this line of code comes up on the, on, on the page. And I think, oh, okay, I dunno what to do with that. But I Googled a little bit more and I figured out that I took that line of code and I put it in the back end of the website and it refreshed and sure enough, it worked. Speaker 0 00:09:40 And it was this real magical aha moment for me of, you know, I just, I just spent five minutes on Google and I learned more than I ever thought I could in such a short period of time. And, um, that was really the start of, of the journey. And I, I thought, okay, I'll, I'll learn how to code. Maybe this will end up a, with a, a remote job. And this was all pre COVID. So, you know, remote jobs, weren't really normal then. And I wanted a, a career with a business that, um, with, I wanted to be, be an employee, always I never, in a million years, did I think I would have my own business or be an entrepreneur. And I thought if I learned a code, if I teach myself how to code, then maybe I could work for an employer and, and, and be able to move with my husband's work, but keep that career progression. Speaker 0 00:10:26 And, um, that's really kind of where it could got started. A few years later, I, I came across WordPress and a friend of mine was retiring from the military and he was starting his own business. And he said, build my website. And I said, that's my real thing. Like, you know, I, I don't know how to do that. I did, but I just didn't believe in myself. And he said, no, really build my website. So I, I dove into WordPress and I built it and he loved it. And he said, this is what you should do. You should start your own business, building websites for small businesses. And, and that's what I did. Speaker 1 00:10:57 Wow. Um, I remember that feeling in the I'm old. So I re I remember nets skate navigator. And I remember that feeling when I first got on the internet in the late, well, I first got on the internet in 1996. That's right. Um, and in the late nineties, 98, 99, I was mucking around in like chat rooms, ICQ chat rooms, and, and, and someone I'd saw in a thread somewhere that you can view the source code. If you go in an Netscape navigator, you can, and you look at a website, you can view the source code that produces that website. I'm like, what? That's rubbish, that's cheating. You can't, that would be like, that's like a state secret. You can't view the source code of a website. So I remember going to a website and, and sure enough viewing the source code. And I remember feeling like the federal police were gonna knock on my front door at any minute and arrest me because I'd broken into some kind of secret, you know, back room community of these hackers. Speaker 1 00:11:55 And for me, it was like, oh my God, I've, I've just been given the keys to the kingdom. And I remember that feeling of writing my first line of code and refreshing the browser back in the day when you were like on a seven point 4k dialup modem or whatever it was, and you'd go make a cup of tea while the browser refreshed, and then you'd came back and, and your change was there, live in the browser. It's like there was a, there's a sense of power in having the ability to do that. So fast forward, you start building websites for, for, uh, for friends and for clients. I then assume that you turn this into a business. At what point do you make the leap to go? I'm gonna teach other people how to do this. Cause that's a fairly big leap to make that most 99.99, 9% of the people on the planet would just never make that leap. And I do wanna park here for a second, because you said that you didn't have the belief in yourself that you could build a website for someone, but now you are teaching. I don't know how many, but lots of people around the world, how to do the same thing. So how did that, where did that belief come from and how did that leap of faith happen for you? Speaker 0 00:13:03 Sure. Oh gosh. Um, lots of, lots of support, um, coaches, you know, all those, all those things. I've, I've, I've done it all, but it was, it was over a very long period of time. And I, um, I had a lot of Rocky times when I was, when I was first learning to code. And when, uh, let's say I probably started learning in, uh, 2014 and then it, I didn't really start my business until 1617. So in that period of time, I was, I was learning as much as I could. And I was applying for, for real jobs and getting nowhere and I would get stuck with what I was learning from. And it was all kind of free resources that I could find I would get really stuck. And I couldn't find, um, the answer and I would, I would go into some of these big free Facebook groups or forums, you know, stack overflow and things like that. Speaker 0 00:13:53 And I would ask mm-hmm, <affirmative> a number of times I, um, would be made fun of, uh, you know, told if you don't know the answer to that, you shouldn't be doing what you're doing and really, really kinda discouraging. Um, not very nice people out there. And I, I kept with it all, albeit it did take me a long time and it was, uh, in 2018 when, um, my husband retired from the military and we decided, you know, as, as you do, and again, this was pre COVID, but we decided to sell everything and, um, live in an RV for, um, however long and travel around the us to try. And so by this time we'd moved to the us and travel around, try and figure out where we wanted to settle. So while we go on this kind of RV adventure, um, I get an Instagram account or I, I, I, no, I did. Speaker 0 00:14:41 That was when I first started on Instagram 2018 and I'm sharing about our travels. And so many people said to me, how are you able to travel full time and work? You know, what, what do you do? Are you independently wealthy? Are your parents paying for it? You all this? I said, no. I, I taught myself how to code, how, how to build websites with WordPress, um, how to find clients. And I work from anywhere and the amount of people that said, I want to know how you did it. Can you teach us that? And I thought, okay, well maybe there's something here. So I I've never taught anything before. The only thing I knew how to do, um, was, um, was to, to teach people how I wish I'd been taught, like all the things that I didn't have, a, a, a community of nice people. Speaker 0 00:15:31 <laugh>, that was the most important thing. And that's really where geek pack that is geek pack is, is, is a community, um, of, of people who are, um, supportive and encouraging. And there's no such thing as a silly question and mean people are not allowed. So that was a real big part of it. And I just taught the way that I wish I'd learned from, from coding, from the very, very beginning, um, to all things, WordPress, to finding clients, to marketing yourself. And, you know, we'll talk about TikTok in a little bit. Uh, and yeah, so it was, it was us traveling in an RV that really started it and it, it picked up and, and a lot of people loved it and they wanted to learn more and, and I've, I've kind of grown the business and grown the team and, um, and you know, that's where we are now. Speaker 1 00:16:16 So did you, was it, was it, did you think that teaching people would become a source of income or a, or a business, or were you just doing it to, you know, to stay connected in this community and to kind of give back, or like, at what point did you realize, okay, look, I'm, I'm making an assumption by the way that you're no longer building websites for clients that you're just doing the, the teaching thing. Right. So at what point, similar journey to me, I last website we built for a client was in 2017, have been just full time education and coaching since then, at what point did you, did you realize, okay, this is, I need to go all in on this because there's definitely a source of revenue here, but also there's a source of, um, meaning and, uh, impact that I can have and, and, and purpose that I can have that I'm not getting that sort of sense of fulfillment from my website clients. Speaker 0 00:17:06 Yeah. It was probably, um, I, I probably six months or so after I started the, the teaching that I kind of thought, okay, there might be something here and that was just free stuff to start that's I started out just teaching for free, and I thought, okay, people want more. So I, I said, okay, I'll, I'll create a course. And, and that did well. And it was, I kept working with clients for probably about a year. Um, and so kind of doing both, so trying to build this kind of education, online course community and, and all of that. Well, at the same time, still doing the, the client stuff, because it's, it's a hard transition mm-hmm <affirmative>, um, through cuz you know, one was, was all the money was coming in from and the other one's kind of, of building. Um, so I did, I did both for about a year and then, um, finally it, the, the core side was making enough to, to not do the, the client stuff anymore. Speaker 0 00:17:59 Um, and so I, it, it was, it was only when my students had positive things to say that I thought, okay, maybe this could be, um, more than, than just a side gig part of, of, of the client work. And I thought I loved the client work. I mean, I love digging into a website, building a website, kind of all that. But like you said, I mean, I, I can't remember the last website I built and, um, I still do some teaching here and there, but I have, I have team members who do most of it. And, um, and now I, I get to, um, do things like this and I get to, you know, form partnerships and relationships because I, I want so much more for geek Pak because I want our impact and our reach and part of our vision is, is, is reach and impact. Um, and that's what I get to do now. And I love it and build my team. We've got an amazing team. So, um, it, but it, it, there, it was a real hard kind of transition period. Speaker 1 00:18:57 Mm. I wanna come back to the team in a second and I do wanna talk about tickety talk. Uh, but before I do that, uh, the couple of questions I wanna ask were your first course, I'm curious, we're having a debate here internally at the moment about our tech stack, what your first course, what was that hosted on? Where did you publish your first course? Was it in WordPress on something like loan dash or did you use a hosted solution, like a teachable or a Kajabi? Speaker 0 00:19:18 I did. So, um, the first version was on, um, click funnels. Speaker 1 00:19:23 Um, oh Speaker 0 00:19:24 Yeah. First core course was on click funnels. And then, um, and I had a convert kit and that was the email marketing that I used. Um, a couple years ago we moved everything over to Kartra mm-hmm, <affirmative> sell, um, sales pages course all, um, there in Kartra. So Speaker 1 00:19:44 It's good. Kartra is a good platform. I was one of the, one of the legacy, you know, bought the whole thing. All you can eat thing when they first launched and, uh, it's a good platform. And at that time, who were you following? Who were you modeling? Who were you, who were you like the, what courses were you buying or who was mentoring you through that? How do we set up this course and how do we do re-engagement and how do we do gamification? Who, who were you kind of learning from back then? Speaker 0 00:20:09 Sure. So I started following, um, a woman named Julie. Well, um, um, she, she was Julie Stoen, um, but now she she's recently divorced and changed her name to Julie Chanel. Um, she's amazing. I started following her in 2017 and I have been in her mastermind since, um, the end of 2017. And I I'm very particular about, um, like who I follow, because if, if, if I try and follow too many people, um, I will get lost and I'll get too much advice. And, and I've, I'll listen to podcasts from, you know, a lot of different people, but as far as like being in a, in a mastermind and listening to one person, um, she's been a constant, um, in, in my business, um, since the very beginning, um, I launched geek pack in, um, late 2018. So I was, I was in her kind of world for about a year before I did anything with it, but, um, she has been the main and within her, um, her mastermind, there's a lot of other entrepreneurs that I'll speak to, um, other coaches that I have access to. So I have a number of, of other coaches, um, which I'm a big, big fan of, but, um, she's been a constant the whole time. Speaker 1 00:21:22 Great. Um, two things I wanna talk about here is your, your public profile and your team. So, because I think there's an interesting transition here, which will lead into TikTok as well. So you mentioned that, so what, what does your team look like at the moment? You mentioned that you've got other team members doing the teaching and the coaching thing these days, what is, what does your team make up look like now? Speaker 0 00:21:41 Yeah. Oh, I love my team. <laugh>, it's like the thing I get most excited about talking about. Yeah. Um, I have right now there's, uh, seven of us on the team and we're all around the world. I've got, um, one of my team members in is in, um, Australia. Uh, so, um, we've got, um, three in the UK, two in the UK, one in Brazil, three of us are here in the us and one in Australia. And yeah, I mean, we, I, I probably, at this point, maybe 15, 20% of my kind of tasks or my, my, my daily stuff, um, is, is kind of in the, the day to day. But for the most part, um, it's all handled, um, by, by different team members and we've got different products and I've got, um, a marketing, we have our own ad manager. Um, I've got my own social media manager. Speaker 0 00:22:30 Um, our marketing kind of department is, is, is really, really good. We have a, a very good, um, student success, um, department as well. So like, what's really important for us is that from the, the, a very initial touchpoint that anyone has with, with anything that has to do with the geek pack brand, whether it's one of my profiles or one of our Facebook groups, anything that it's positive, a, a really, really good, um, touchpoint from the very beginning, if they email us, then it it's gonna be a fantastic, um, kind of interaction. If they are in one of our communities, it's going to be a good interaction. So we, um, and then when they become a student, then that just gets even better. So we have an entire just student success team of folks who just make sure that our students are, are taken care of their, their questions are answered. They're, they're, they're, you know, confident about, about their skills and they're, they're going out and finding clients and doing all those things. So, yeah. Uh, I've got an amazing team Speaker 1 00:23:29 Love it. So, so how do you, um, how did you make that pivot from, I'm asking selfishly here, how did you make that pivot from, you know, it's Julia, the geek to geek pack WP rockstar. And although, although you are still very much the brand, if people join a program that they don't necessarily expect that they're gonna get to come and have lunch with you and ask you lots of questions, right. Happens all the time. Right. Um, sorry. Uh, I dunno where I went there. Uh, and so how do you manage people's expectations? Like, oh, look, I know I'm all over tickety talking and I'm blowing up computers on Facebook with dynamite sticks, but you should now go talk to Robin. She's the one that's actually gonna help you. How have you, how have you managed that transition Speaker 0 00:24:12 Time? Uh, but I think, and one of the things that I love the most is when I, I will go into, um, say geek pack our, our prime primary Facebook group, the, the private group that students could access to. And if one of my students has a win and they share, and they might say, you know, thanks very much Julia and Shannon and Beth and Jules and, and Juliana, and they, and they like list and tag everyone else. That's on our team. I love that because I feel like that's such a win because they know that it's not just me. And I guess it's taken, um, years of, of, of people kind of consistently knowing that I am not the brand, the brand as a team. Um, and, and, and it's just taken time. Um, and I constantly talk about, uh, my team. I constantly kind of refer to like any, any live event that I do. Speaker 0 00:25:13 All of my team is on chat, answering questions. So people from their like initial interaction with us, they will know that it is not just me, that it, that there is a lot more to it. Um, and that's just something that, um, I think people are used to when I first got started and when I first had the community, it was just me and, and it was all on me and it's just taken time to, um, to bring on other people and, and, and have other people kind of, um, fill in when I can't do it all the time. Speaker 1 00:25:44 And I'll do to talk about your TikTok strategy in a second, because what, what, what, what I, what I know is interesting is that when you make a decision to make a video and blow up a laptop and publish it on Facebook, there's a couple of things going on one. And I know this from experience, right, is that I care so much about our clients. I care so much about our community and their success that whenever I get self-conscious about producing content, I have to coach myself through it and get myself out of the way and remind myself, it's not about you, right? You vein dinosaur, it's about your audience. So just get in front of the camera and get behind the microphone and produce the content and do the thing to help them. Right. I hope so. There's that piece, right? Which I'm curious, because at some point you're driving around the RV, you're getting this feedback from people, you're becoming a teacher. Speaker 1 00:26:39 At some point, you go, well, I'm gonna put myself right out there and blow up a laptop on a Facebook ad. And I'm gonna do that because I care so much about helping these people and giving them a safe space to come and learn. Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. But what happens then is you also become, so you, you, you become so intertwined with the brand that it then becomes harder. I, in my experience, anyway, it becomes harder to, to, uh, not remove yourself from the brand, but to, to educate your audience that, Hey, it's not just me. You can get help from other people. And they're like, oh yeah, but you are the one on the podcast. And you're the one blowing up computers on Facebook. And you're the one on TikTok. So how, how do you, and I'm making an assumption that you are in the TikTok videos, right. Is that a fair assumption? Speaker 0 00:27:27 Yep. Speaker 1 00:27:28 Right. So, so how do you, again, and again, I'm asking for purely selfish reasons, <laugh> because my team are like, we should do TikTok. And I'm like, no, we shouldn't. And I'm open to ideas, but, but the further that, the more, the more content that Julia Taylor produces, the more people see you as the geek pack brand. Right. So how do you, you know, why don't you just throw your team on TikTok and go there's to go freaking dance and do whatever you need. Speaker 0 00:27:59 And, and we might, we might try that. Um, but you're right. It is, it's a, it's a real balancing act. And, um, I think one of the things that has helped from the start is that the, the brand is not my name. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, that, that was intentional. Now, um, one thing to, to know about me is I'm, I'm, I'm a raging introvert, like what I'm doing right now, mm-hmm, <affirmative> super uncomfortable. And, and I do videos. I go live, I do, I do, I do YouTube videos. Like I will do all of the things that most introverts would like bulk at and go, no, I'm not gonna do that. Because if I don't, I may not reach that person who could change their life. If they learned to code, build websites, start their own business and are financially independent, how selfish of me mm-hmm <affirmative>. Speaker 0 00:28:58 And, and that's, that's where I have to put myself in that kind of brain space of it's not about me. So I, um, have a very, very clear mission. And I have a very, very clear vision for <inaudible> time that I kind of think, oh, I don't wanna be on this TV show, or I don't wanna do this podcast, or, you know, oh, do I have to do another YouTube video? Or do I really gotta get on TikTok? All, you know, all these things. It's like, yeah, because if, if one person hears something that makes their life better, then it was worth it. And I just have ways of kind of coping, like, after this, I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna walk my dog in the middle of nowhere for about half an hour. And that'll kind of re-energize me. And then I'll have, you know, probably pizza and beer in front of the TV with my husband. Speaker 0 00:29:46 Perfect. Yeah. So I have ways of kind of coping with it, but as far as the brand and, and me being kind of the face of the brand, I do think that it's important when you're, when you're building a brand, that there is a face to go along with. And, and you know, that that's been me. I mean, it's, it's my business, it's my brand. So that it makes sense that I, I do that. However, um, we are starting to ma have discussions within my team, um, about how we can start to, um, change the face of the brand to be our community. And I dunno if you've ever seen any, any pictures of the, the women in our community, but we, um, we mail our students t-shirts, um, with the PAC logo, um, here, and they take pictures and they, they share 'em and they, they love getting swag. Speaker 0 00:30:37 And we want to start incorporating more of our students as the face of the brand, because what we know with our students is when, when our women can see someone else who looks like them, they believe that they can do what they've done. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and I, I don't look like everyone. So I, I want more women who look like, you know, all ages, mm-hmm, <affirmative> from all over the world, all races, all, everything. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, and I want them to be the face of the brand, not me. Yeah. But I we're building to that. And I, I don't think it's something that happens immediately. Speaker 1 00:31:14 Yeah, totally. Our CEO is currently wearing a geek pack top right now, while she's watching this, she's a huge fan, by the way, Emily Bryan, uh, based in cross church is a massive fan of yours. Someone wants to know who we're listening to. We are listening to Julia Taylor from gig pack. Of course, this is Julia. The geek, uh, is right here on the agency hour podcast. Uh, there's another question here, um, from someone, uh, yes. Angie Neil, you should cancel our lunch date. We're not having lunch. Sorry. Um, so talk to us about TikTok. You, you, you, you decided to run an experiment with TikTok. You've run the experiment. What, there we go. Look at that. That's our CEO, Emily Bryan in right in Christchurch right now wearing her geek pack jumper while she's watching, uh, the show, by the way, for those of you who don't live in Australia, a jumper is a pullover or a sweater. Speaker 1 00:32:05 I said, jumper once at a event in the states and all my American friends were like, what the hell are you talking about a kangaroo? What are you talking about? We dunno what a jumper is. It's a pullover, a sweater. We call it a jumper here in Australia. So you go in, so first of all, let's set up the experiment, the, to the, to experiment. What were you expecting and why did you, because listen, I'm, I'll be 49 in a couple of weeks, right? And I'm not that much of a dinosaur, but I have removed my Instagram app. I've, I've deleted my Instagram app because I don't give a shit anymore. I don't use it. I felt like I should, should use it. And I had FOMO. I realized I don't use it. I got rid of it. I don't use Twitter anymore because I don't care. I'm basically all in on Facebook. Right. I just love my Facebook groups. Uh, I don't, I miss out on a whole bunch of stuff because I'm not in our WhatsApp groups with the, the kindie parents. And my wife's always telling me you've gotta get on WhatsApp. I'm like, no, I don't, I don't, I don't need anymore information in my life. Right. I've basically stopped listening to podcasts because they send me down rabbit holes. I read books. I I'm, I'm obsessed with YouTube. I love YouTube videos. Why the hell do we need? Speaker 0 00:33:17 Yeah, good question. And I thought this would be fun because I feel like it's a, um, TikTok is especially for business owners. Um, if we're very used to Facebook and, and all the other platforms, um, it it's, it's one of those platforms that you probably just like question like really, you know, another. So I had been hearing about it in, in my circles of other online business owners. And some people had success, some people didn't and I thought to myself, well, you know what, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna give it a go. I'm going to, and if I do something I'm gonna go, you know, all in on it. So I spoke to some other people who had success on TikTok and they kind of told me what they'd done. And, um, and I thought, you know what, I'll give it a try. And January of this past year, I had some time. Speaker 0 00:34:03 And, and I did, I tried it out. And, um, I had a couple videos that, that a handful of videos that did really well. And oddly enough, if you, if you go and look at my, my tick, talk on Julia, the geek on there, um, I, I figured out pretty early on what people liked. And I think this is the thing that I wanted to, to mention is, um, on TikTok, I feel like you can, you can get away with just being yourself because the people who are on TikTok just want to feel something, they wanna laugh. They wanna be, you know, they, they just wanna wanna feel something, but they want it to be real, raw and genuine. Whereas on Instagram, I started on there and kind of like, I, I, I have a love, hate relationship with Instagram. I hope they're not listening. Sorry, mark Zucker. <laugh>. Um, and I, yeah, so I just wasn't really showing up on there cuz I felt like, like with stories on Instagram. Oh my gosh. I'm very private. I don't wanna Speaker 0 00:35:04 Pressure. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But I felt like I had to. So, um, on TikTok, I, I felt like I could be myself. I could be genuine and raw. And if, if you look at my, my talk, um, 90% of my videos, I'm in my bathrobe, mm-hmm <affirmative> with no makeup on talking about something, you know, anything empowering women learning to code, building websites. Like, like the thing about TikTok is, is I was able to, um, not show any of my private life. I could talk about something that I get excited about. Um, and, and the, the response that I had was, was phenomenal. And I decided pretty quickly when things, I got some traction on TikTok, I thought, okay, I want to run an experiment. Um, and actually see, am I getting, um, a good ROI on, on my time? Because it did, it did take time. Speaker 0 00:36:05 And I thought, if I'm gonna, if I'm gonna put myself, me my face kind of out there and, and, and spend time on something, I wanna know that I'm getting a return. I eat, am I making money from this? Mm. I mean, I, a business owner. So, so that, that's it. Am I getting more leads? Am I, am I growing my email list? And am I making actual cash money? So that was the experiment I wanted to run. So I, I said to my team early on, I want to have, um, a, um, like a, a link tree, a faux link tree page as, as the link bio. And we used, um, a cart page for it. So all of the buttons in that page are tracked mm-hmm <affirmative>. So we track, since, since I got on TikTok, we have tracked everything. So I know exactly how many leads we have added, um, to our email list from TikTok, which is 9,300. Um, and that was in January, starting in kind of January, February. Speaker 1 00:37:01 What, sorry, what the fuck? How many? Speaker 0 00:37:03 9,300, 9,300 forum. I have my spreadsheet here Speaker 1 00:37:08 Leads 9,300 leads, Speaker 0 00:37:11 Email list emails. Yep. Speaker 1 00:37:13 Holy shit. Speaker 0 00:37:14 Yep. And, and that was, uh, um, do I know how many of those were organic versus, um, I'm not sure if I know that, but I know, um, on our, our revenue that we, that we got from TikTok, I know the difference between organic and and ads. So when we started to see traction, I thought, okay, I wanna run TikTok ads. Uh, and, and we did, and, and I know exactly how much we spent on TikTok ads, which by the way, are so easy to run. Um, I, I just used the unorganic TikTok video that did well on its own and put money behind it and, and sent people to our offers. And we have, um, all in, we spent just shy of $25,000 on TikTok ads and, um, have made we've, we've increased our email list by over 9,000 and have made 72,000. So wow. Speaker 1 00:38:12 In revenue, Speaker 0 00:38:13 In, um, uh, yes. In yes, in revenue. Okay. Speaker 1 00:38:16 So almost a three times, almost a three times row as on ad spend. Speaker 0 00:38:21 Correct. Speaker 1 00:38:22 Wow. Now hang on. Organic, I see 9,300 leads, right. And I'm like, hang on a second. You're not done with revenue because there is so much more opportunity for revenue outta those 9,300 leads over the next 6, 12, 18 months. Right. Exactly. Speaker 0 00:38:38 Yeah. Wow. Yeah. And that's why we did the, the experiment from, um, and it, this is in the last handful of weeks is when my team kind of got me all the data and because I wanted to wait at least six months to, um, to, to know all that because our buying cycle is quite long. It's, it's not super quick. And our, our price point is a thousand bucks. So, you know, we're, we're not asking for people to, you know, spend, you know, $7 or $37 or, or whatever. It's a, it's a good amount. So we, we ran this over a six month period and I'm like, okay, I know TikTok works. And we get really, really cheap leads over on TikTok compared to, to Facebook. So we've run a lot of tests. We've, we've done a lot of stuff and we've got the data for it. Speaker 1 00:39:24 Do you, I ask another question about TikTok in a second, but do you have trip wire products or cheaper lead products that you sell, or is it just like, if you wanna work with us, it's a thousand bucks for the WP rockstar course. Speaker 0 00:39:33 We, we do, we have, um, a couple of other, um, things, um, that are cheaper, but for the most part, it's that, that's our, that's the main signature product. Uh, we are, um, starting next year. Uh, we are going to be offering something else, uh, a lower level, um, kind of membership, um, type, uh, product, um, but not until next year. So really it's always been WP rockstar. Speaker 1 00:40:00 Here's my question about being authentic. Right. I find, I find it difficult and this might surprise some people. I find it difficult to show up and be authentic unless I know what I'm gonna talk about. Right. So, because I get really self-conscious, if I do, if, if I'm just like, I'm gonna go live, I'm like, well, hang on a second. What am I saying? Like, I need to know the, I need to know the, I need to know what I'm talking about right now. The very act of planning. What I'm gonna talk about for me makes the whole thing inauthentic. I'm like, well, this is now scripted. I may as well be a fucking ad. I may as well just turn on the big camera and the big lights and do it properly. Like, hang on. I'm just gonna, like, so in, in your example, I'm just gonna like, you know, walk around in my bathrobe and tell people, you know, like, I, I struggle massively with this. So walk me through, how do you, how do you do that intentionally, but authentically I'm, this is a big thing for me that I just can't reconcile in my tiny brain. Speaker 0 00:41:07 Yeah. And I, I agree. It's not something that's, that's, uh, easy. And I, I think I, I, that's still something that I struggle with because I, I feel like I have a lot to offer, but I, I get exhausted trying to think about how I'm gonna package it and, and where am I gonna go and what platform and, you know, all the, all the options. And I end up being overwhelmed and not doing it. Mm-hmm mm-hmm <affirmative>. And I think what I did with, with TikTok is, um, most of the videos that I did did, and I, I, I mean, I'm, I, I'm not dancing in any of em, I'm not, I'm not pointing in any of em. Um, the, what I would do is I would, I would just find a, a trending song or sound, and then I would kind of mimic over it with my own, um, spin on it. Speaker 0 00:41:53 So it didn't, it, it was just a very quick, like how do I get people to feel something and, and to, to feel empowered and wanna be a part of, of what I'm, I'm offering and, and in our, in our, um, that link tree, that fake link tree thing, every single button is a free resource, um, that they can go and check out. So we, we immediately send people to as many kind of free resources as possible that we offer. Um, but you're right. It's not, um, I, I think at least on TikTok, because that's really the only social media platform that, that it is me personally, my team does all the rest and to be fair, I haven't posted on TikTok in months. Um, I will start again soon because now I know it works, but I'm not pressuring myself to do it. Um, and it's, it's just, how can you take, um, like I, I watched a TikTok months where a guy said, um, if you're struggling, come up with content, just think of like, what are four things that you, that your ideal avatar is struggling with? Speaker 0 00:43:01 What, what are those four things? Um, so for me, it's, um, want, they want to work from home. They, um, want location that they wanna be able to travel. They, um, want financial independence. They, they don't wanna go into a, a job anymore, you know, th those sorts of, of things. And I just have short little videos where I mention those. And by the way, the way that you get those things is one way is to learn an InDemand tech skill, like coding. And they say, I don't know, I could learn to code and say, yeah, I didn't either, but, you know, if you give it a go and you love it, then it might be the ticket to everything else. So Speaker 1 00:43:47 Is the, what's the engagement like in tick TikTok? Is it, is it like, is it, are there lots of comments and conversations happening in the comments or is it just like reels? Speaker 0 00:43:56 Uh, it's I'm, I'm not well versed on reels. My talks are repurposed as reels, but I don't really know what happens on, on Instagram, um, apart from that. Um, but I do know what I, one thing I do love about TikTok is if you're not friends with someone, they can't send you a private message. So, um, I, I, I, I think I'm following not very many people, because I don't want anyone to be able to send me private messages that I personally see. Uh, so it's just, it's just comments. Um, and, and if someone comments then, you know, I might reply, I might not, but I, I give myself a lot of, um, leeway to, um, to engage if I want to, but not if I don't now that being said, I, when I first started on TikTok, I PO I, I was dedicated to it. I was like, right, I'm gonna post three times a day. I'm gonna post Speaker 1 00:44:49 What, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang, you gotta post what, three times a day. Speaker 0 00:44:53 But I, they were all prerecorded, all the videos I did ahead of time. But, uh, and that's, that's really one way to, to potentially grow quickly, um, is to, and that's what I was told and that's what I did, and it worked. And I know a lot of other people that have as well. So it is something like, if you, if you want to see results from TikTok mm-hmm, <affirmative>, mm-hmm <affirmative>, I would recommend going in heavy at first mm-hmm <affirmative>. And I know it sounds like a lot, but I, the thing is it's a new platform and, you know, we got 9,300 leads and, and a lot of those, we didn't, Speaker 1 00:45:32 I love it. I love it. Julie, Julie has just gone. Troy it's okay. We got 9,300 leads, just going hard, brother. We got 9,300. Did I tell you about the leads we got? Just going hard because you are, you are sensing my skepticism. Um, now again, like, oh man, I was fucking struggling with this. You the, so you, the all they're all just shot on the phone. Right? I have made, look, I've spent close to a hundred thousand dollars on this new facility here, and people want me to make a fucking video on my phone and put it on TikTok. I'm like, come on, man. I've got, can we please put the lights on? So, um, you make a video on your phone, prerecord it, but then just post that from your phone to TikTok. Right? So they're not live. You don't, you don't do you go live on TikTok, Speaker 0 00:46:15 You can. Um, and I did a couple times and it, it did it help maybe. Um, but, um, yeah, it, I do all of the TikTok video filming within the app and then it just sits in my draft. There's like a draft folder. Oh, Speaker 1 00:46:29 Right. Speaker 0 00:46:30 Okay. And I get it. I mean, I, I was very reluctant to get on TikTok. It's learning something new, but when I started to see results quickly, I mean, this was all, I mean, last year it was tough with Facebook ads. It was very expensive. It was not worth. And last year was hard. So I, I went into TikTok thinking to myself, can I use TikTok as another place for lead gen? Because I was paying so much money for leads mm-hmm <affirmative> and you know, I'm looking down the barrel of is this the, the future? I, I, how am I gonna grow if I, if this is what's what's happening. And, and when I got on TikTok and things started to work and, and we started to get organic, like, I didn't pay a penny for these leads, which by the way, if you run ads on TikTok, we get about a dollar 50, $2 per lead on. Wow. Yep. So, wow. Leads are cheaper over there. If you're, if you're, if you, if you run ads, it's super easy to run ads. Um, but when I started to see leads come in, um, from TikTok, I, I, it, it was such a weight off my shoulders of, oh, lead gen organically is still a thing. Speaker 1 00:47:42 Right? Well, it's like, it's like, it's like going to the gym. Right. It's like, I love gonna the gym. I've been going the gym for years. And it, I do it now for my mental health more than anything. Um, but when you're first starting out, it's who wants to go to the gym? It's boring, it's hard work. It hurts. Uh, but, and, and if it's gonna take three months to feel or see a result, I'm just not gonna stick at something for three months without feedback. Right. I need feedback to know that it's working. Yeah. So if you get, if you, you know, if I can tell you if I would, if I put a couple of videos up on TikTok and I could see that we were getting some leads, I would be all in, it would be like a drug for me. And I would become like the, to king and all of a sudden I'd have a course on how to nail to, right. Speaker 1 00:48:29 So I would go all in. I'm good at going down rabbit holes. I just haven't, I haven't spent any time in TikTok at all. I've I don't even have the, to app on my phone. I don't even know how to spell it. Right. It, it looks like a spelling mistake to me. But now that you've said that you've got 9,300 leads since January, that's insane. And might just be the thing that prompts me, because if you can see that it's making a difference and that there's something that you can measure, then it's worth, you know, it's and you're right. Facebook leads have become really expensive. What's interesting. Now is that I think Facebook ads now are actually in a really good place for us anyway, that leads costs have come down and we're doing pretty well. Um, so what, what, what's, what happens when someone follows you on TikTok? They like what you're saying, they go to your Kartra page, they opt in what's the experience then for them, how do you get them to buy? Speaker 0 00:49:25 Yeah. So the, the big thing that we, um, promote on, um, on tech TikTok now, like I said, we've got that, that, uh, link entry page with all the buttons. Um, and if, if you were to see any of my videos, especially about the big ones that have done well, it, it I'm, I'm saying in the video, or I say in the comments click the, the, the hit click, the second button in the link in my bio. So it just happened that the, the second button and the link of link in my bio, um, takes people to a free coding challenge that we run and we run it live, uh, which people love. And we're, we're doing one in a couple weeks. Um, but that is so all of the videos that have done well are about me teaching women to code and, and what comes from them, learning how to code. Speaker 0 00:50:16 And I had, you can actually create TikTok videos based on a comment that someone has. So I had a video that went really well. And then someone asked the question and she says, I'm, I'm 48. I'm too old for this. You know, how in the world could I learn how to code? And I created a TikTok video replying to her comment, and it's one of the most viewed videos that I have. And I'm just kind of saying, no, you're not too old. And we have this, we have this live free coding challenge where we start at the very beginning with inspect tools, the, the really cool, like, you know, see the back end of a website. Um, and, and we, we just teach the very basics. It's 30 minutes, it's, you know, four days. And then, and that's where we get a lot of people engaged. Speaker 0 00:51:01 They join our, um, free, big Facebook group, um, through joining that, um, coding challenge. And then we, we do a, a soft kind of pitch at the end, um, for different products, we're kind of testing different things. Um, and then a couple times a year, we have big, big launches. Like last year you joined me for Geekapalooza mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, and then, and so we, we, and, and I email my list every week. We have, we have many launches that come up here and there. So we, we just constantly engage between our email list, our paid ads, our organic stuff. And, and then we have live events multiple times throughout the year that are, that are all free, um, with some sort of thing at the end. And, and that's, that's where we, we get people and some people join immediately. Some people it takes 'em two years. They've been following for two years, and then they join. So we, we have that whole gamut. Speaker 1 00:51:56 We had a client join, um, Mavericks club, which is our mastermind. Uh, last week, Jeremy, from the states, he, he spoke to Damian in our sales team and he said, I'm looking at a notebook here from a call I have with Troy five years ago. And I wrote down all the challenges and all the problems I'm having in my agency five years ago. And I'm looking at that, that notebook and all those challenges are still there. Nothing's changed. And Damien said, well, come on brother. It's time to make a change. And so he joined our mastermind five years sales cycle. He bought a bunch of courses from us in the past. Uh, yes. So sometimes it does take, uh, when the teacher is ready, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear kind of thing. Um, what's the demographic over at TikTok. I'm making an assumption that it's like my nephew, who's like 23 and he's not, I don't want him as a client. Right. He's got worse attention span than me. So what, what is the demographic over at TikTok? Speaker 0 00:52:43 It is primarily a younger generation. Uh, it is primarily, I'd say teen, um, teen ages. I, I, I assume however, um, there's a lot of people on TikTok and, and a lot of our, I mean our ideal, um, audience is, um, women, adult learners. So, um, women kind of 30, 35 plus. Um, and, and they're on TikTok. Um, they're absolutely. We had someone post in, um, geek pack the other day and she said the, the best product she ever bought from TikTok was WP rockstar. Wow. So they are there. I mean, they're, they're there. Definitely. We do know that most of our audience is on Facebook. Yeah. So we, we are still doing a lot of, most of what we do is on Facebook, but yeah, there are people who, who would be interested in this sort of stuff on, on TikTok. And like I said, people are on talks. Speaker 0 00:53:43 They just want to, they wanna laugh. They wanna feel something, they wanna connect with someone. They don't want the, the flowery, the perfect, you know, the, the filters or anything like that. I don't use any of those. And it's really, um, I mean the amount of times people ask me about my, my bathrobe, it's kind of taken on a life of its own. Um, and I, I only was on TikTok from January until may. I have not posted since may cause I've been busy and I just didn't want to, but we're still running ads and it's still kind of working. Um, so it it's just, I really liked it as a platform because I could be raw and genuine and, um, goofy and vulnerable without feeling like I had to show any of my private life. Speaker 1 00:54:31 So, yeah. Cause the, you know, that's one thing that has definitely changed for me since I had kids is I noticed the, basically the minute I had Oscar was like, I actually don't wanna post I, well, I've never posted a picture of our kids on any social media platforms ever. In fact, my cousin did once and I kind of asked him to take it down. I don't want my kids' faces on social media and that's just a preference cuz I know how the algorithm works. Right. And um, I don't want them profiled. And so, uh, and, but also I stopped, I stopped posting so much stuff about, I was going live all the time on Facebook before I had kids. And I was, you know, being really vulnerable about my personal life. My, I stopped doing that when, and it was weird. It was like probably six months in. Speaker 1 00:55:15 And I was like, oh wow, why have I stopped? I'm not doing it's because I don't know why having kids changed that for me. Right. But I don't think it felt a little contrived for me. It's like, I'm just gonna post stuff about my personal life so that you connect with me and you know, that I'm an authentic human being and then you come and buy my stuff and it felt really, it felt really contrived. And I, I made a decision that I didn't really wanna do that anymore. And so it's good to hear you say that, uh, you can, and I'm not, look, I'm not convinced the 9,300 leads is a big carrot. I gotta tell you, that's a big carrot for a dollar 50 a lead that's you do that every day of the week. Um, but I, yeah, I, I have been inspired to, uh, at least check it out as a platform. Um, what are you most excited about over the next 90 days with, uh, with geek Pak apart from the live coding challenge? Of course. Speaker 0 00:56:07 Yeah. So, um, we have an event coming up on October called geek Fest. So I'm excited about that. I know very little, um, I've given like full reign over to my team for, for, for planning and, and all of that. So I'll just show up for the lives and kind of run it, but we've got that coming up in October. Um, but the next tiny days I we've got a, a new product that's gonna be coming out, um, in the new year. And I've, I've been in, um, negotiations with a pretty big, uh, company in the, in the coding world to partner with them. Um, and I literally just found out a few hours ago, that's been, um, approved by their, you know, legal team and finance and all that. So there's some really exciting personal horizon, um, with, uh, with, with what's coming in the, in the new year, but all the kind of planning and, and things that I have to do to, to make that work. So I, I feel very much like I'm adulting, um, when it comes to, um, to the, the strategy and the vision of the business and where we're going. Speaker 1 00:57:09 Awesome. Fantastic. Who does your PR, by the way, do you do it yourself or do you have someone manage? Cause you're on like you're on bloody TV shows and radio shows and you everywhere. Speaker 0 00:57:18 Yeah. I, I do have someone, um, her name's Larissa Banting. She's amazing. Um, we worked together for a while and she got me a lot of great things. We're, we're, we've kind of paused for now just cuz I don't the, the, the capacity really to, um, to do another thing, but I will pick that back up again probably in the next couple months. Um, but yeah, yeah. So I, I, the, the TV shows I've been on the news, um, outlets, um, mm-hmm, <affirmative> a lot of podcasts I've done. Um, newspapers magazines. A lot of that was, was her getting me in front of the, the right people. Speaker 1 00:57:52 And I'm guessing the message there is a, is, is, is almost a B to C message. It's kind of like a financial independence work, remote location, independence by learning how to code. Right? Yeah, it's good. I like it because that's a mass, that's a mass appeal offer, right? That's a mass appeal message. It's like, you know, that, that whole story is almost like you are the reluctant hero that you figured something out. You've got independence, location and financial independence for women. That's huge. And you are now spreading the message reluctantly. Everyone's been asking. So here it is. I'm gonna tell you all how I did. It's great. I love it. It's a good story. Um, Hey, this has been super interesting and I'd love to have you back at some point again, in the future, if you're up for it to talk more about stuff, cuz we're in a very similar pocket here and doing some really similar stuff. And I love learning from people who are on a similar journey and also I think you just fun to hang out with. So, um, I'd love to have you back sometimes. That'd be cool. Speaker 0 00:58:45 Yeah, that'd be awesome. But you, you said about going to, um, word camp us. I'm not sure if I'm gonna go, but if I do decide to go, I will let you know Speaker 1 00:58:53 Dude. Totally. And we, we are, we are at word camp us and then the next three days, the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we are in San Diego for our MACOM event for our Maverick. So yeah, definitely. If you're, if you're anywhere in near San Diego, September, you know, nine through 15 come and hang out, we'll we'll, we'll grab lunch or something. If you, if you're around otherwise I'm definitely gonna come back to the states again next year. Uh, so we'll definitely cross paths at some point. Speaker 0 00:59:17 Excellent. Excellent. Well, thank you so much for having me. Speaker 1 00:59:18 Where, where can people get in touch? Where can people come and hang out and get more of Julia the geek? Speaker 0 00:59:23 Yeah. So easiest place is, um, our website geek, pac.com. Um, there's lots of information on there, but all the free resources and things that we have. Um, and I guess if you do wanna check out me and my, in my bathrobe on, uh, on TikTok, I'm Julia, the geek on, on TikTok. Speaker 1 00:59:38 Love it. I'm coming to stalk you on TikTok. Speaker 3 00:59:41 <laugh> okay. You'll be the only person I follow on TikTok. Love Speaker 1 00:59:46 It. Awesome. Hey Julia, thank you so much for being a part of the agency. Oh, this has been a lot of fun and I wish you all the best for the future growth of geek Pak and looking forward to seeing what you do next. Speaker 0 00:59:55 Thank you so much, Troy. It's a real pleasure. Speaker 1 00:59:57 All right. Take care. All right, ladies and gentlemen, that is Julia Taylor from geek pack. Otherwise known as Julia, the geek, go check her out. There we go. Geek pack.com in the comments there, uh, go check her out on TikTok and get around it. And if you know anyone who is looking to learn how to code so that they can, you know, have a remote location, independent job and have some financial independence, then go and check out what Julia's doing [email protected]. Uh, we are big fans and we'll definitely have her back for another show at some point in the future. Uh, please do the usual staff subscribe, follow us on social Spotify, uh, wherever you get your podcasts, uh, um, and join the digital Mavericks Facebook group. Also come and check us out on YouTube. We just clocked up 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. We're on a journey over there to ramp that up. Speaker 1 01:00:45 Uh, we're not on TikTok yet. We're not on TikTok yet. I'm not making any promises. I'm not making any promises, uh, but we might have a little experiment over there. I'm not sure. Um, and also if you are interested in, uh, if you are interested in growing your agency, then check out agency mavericks.com/mav con. We are going to be in San Diego for our live event from September 12 through 14, which is coming up in about four weeks. I can't believe it it's blowing my mind. I can't believe it's happening so quickly. All right, thanks for being a part of it. My name's Troy Dean, I'm your host here at the agency hour, as I said, we're gonna do this again, uh, for a few weeks and then we'll take a couple of weeks off while I'm traveling. I think I'm not sure I haven't consulted with the team yet, but we will let you know, and then we'll be back and we will be live streaming this in the coming in the very near future. Speaker 1 01:01:33 We will be live streaming this show on our Facebook page and now YouTube channel. So, uh, keep your eyes out for that. And we're also gonna move platforms. I believe we're gonna move platforms to Riverside FM so that we can get high quality audio production rather than relying on compressed MP three S which is what we get out of stream yard. Uh, we love stream yard, but I don't think it's great for podcasts and we wanna make our podcast the best it can possibly be. And we wanna make it the best possible live show that we can and the best possible podcast that we can. So we probably gonna move to Riverside FM and we are most likely gonna be broadcasting this live on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel, just because we want to get in front of more people. So we love the people in the group here, but we do, and we will still stream it into the group or promote it and put the links in the group, but we wanna get in front of more people. And so we wanna take it out of the private group and make it more public. All right, thanks for being a part of it. And uh, apparently Johnny flash is gonna host an episode while I'm away, so that'll be fun. And, uh, look forward to seeing you and speaking with you again next week on the agency until then have a great week. Bye for now. Speaker 2 01:02:38 Thanks for listening to the agency hour podcast, subscribe at apple podcasts, Spotify pocket, audible, and wherever you like to listen, you can catch all of the agency hour episodes on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/agency Mavericks. Or you can get involved, check out our free digital Mavericks Facebook group, where we broadcast these episodes live for our community every week, along with a ton of free training. We'll see you there.

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