Celebrating Remotely

Episode 17 February 28, 2022 00:50:16
Celebrating Remotely
The Agency Hour
Celebrating Remotely

Feb 28 2022 | 00:50:16


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

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This week on The Agency Hour we explore some of the biggest wins of the year from our community, goal setting for 2022 and most importantly, how to celebrate remotely.

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The Agency Hour - Ep 17 - Celebrating Remotely
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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:00 So I had my account managers, uh, organize it. They're kinda like my project managers. And so they mm-hmm <affirmative> they came up with all the ideas and everything, and they led a lot of the different games and activities and stuff. We also did a gratitude ceremony. We told everyone ahead of time, Hey, we're gonna have a moment during the team party where everyone's just gonna share something that they're thankful for. And so, uh, we did that as well. It was just, it was a great time. Everyone had fun. They laughed. It was about 90 minutes. We told 'em, Hey, it's gonna be about 90 minutes. And we played games. We gave out prizes. It was a lot of fun. Speaker 1 00:00:32 If you have a vision for the agency you want to build, then we want to help you build it. Welcome to the agency. Our podcast brought to you by agency Mavericks. Speaker 2 00:00:40 Welcome to the final agency hour for the year, live here in the digital Mavericks Facebook group. And it's a Christmas theme. Apparently today I missed a memo, so I'm not dressed up, but I have some friends who are, and I was told I had to play some Christmas music. So I had to make it Christmas jazz, cuz I don't like Christmas music very much because I'm the Grinch right? Truth thing is I actually don't like Christmas very much. So I'm gonna bring some friends up here who are in a much happier mood than me. Otherwise this could get dark pretty quickly. Please. Welcome Johnny flash and Pete crispy butter. Perry. How are you brothers? Speaker 0 00:01:15 Hey Troy. Speaker 3 00:01:16 Troy who hurt you when you were little Speaker 2 00:01:18 <laugh> <laugh> Speaker 0 00:01:20 Who forgot to give you a present or something? You know, Speaker 2 00:01:23 The list is long and deep peak <laugh> it's you know, it's that thing. When you're walking around the city in, in, in late November and you hear Christmas carols coming out of a retail shop, I just wanna go over there and strangle someone. I'm like it's not even December and you are playing Christmas carols. <laugh> uh, no, no. I'll tell you what Christmas is fun when you have kids, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's I think it's all the, the, and I know I'm not alone here. I'm not the only person that finds Christmas challenging because it's all the extended family stuff that makes Christmas sure. Challenging. Right? You gotta put up like it's like that one time of the year where you gotta like put up with, you know, your distant cousin's weird behavior because it's Christmas and you're not allowed to tell 'em how you really feel because it's Christmas and you're supposed to be just happy cuz it's Christmas, right? Speaker 3 00:02:06 <laugh> right. Speaker 2 00:02:08 Yeah. I usually, uh, keep myself very busy on Christmas day, like cooking and cleaning. So I don't have to have weird, awkward conversations with people. I dunno that. Well anyway, how are you guys doing? Who, where, where was this memo that it was supposed to be a dress up? Like what did I miss? I have a red sweater. Does that count? Speaker 0 00:02:23 <laugh> I've been trying to, I've been trying to wear this hat. Yeah. I've been trying to wear this hat on as many zoom calls this week and next week as possible, like new client, uh, team members, like whatever, you know, I just, I can only wear it a couple weeks of the year, so I gotta get it in as much Speaker 2 00:02:38 As I can. I love it. Right, Speaker 3 00:02:39 Exactly. Same here. Like I wear this shirt to everything I wear. Like I'll be on the velocity call. I wear this shirt again tomorrow, so I'll Speaker 2 00:02:45 Love it. Speaker 0 00:02:45 That's good. You'll Speaker 3 00:02:46 Be on the velocity call. You'll see me in this again. Speaker 2 00:02:49 I don't have, I don't have, I mean, you know, when gin was working here, we had Christmas stuff coming out of our ears, but I don't really, you know, it's like, I don't know. It's not a thing. I don't really have Christmas costumes, so I'll have to get my shit together for next year. I do apologize. Speaker 3 00:03:03 Take you take two or three weeks off for Christmas. Speaker 2 00:03:05 Well it certainly the thing Speaker 3 00:03:06 That they Speaker 2 00:03:07 Celebrate it well it's because it it's summer here in Australia. Right? So this is the thing that a lot of people on, you know, the other side of the planet don't understand in, in our Christmas is our summer. So there's cricket, right? And there's beer and there's hot weather and there's the beach. And that's basically all we do for, you know, three or four weeks between Christmas and the end of January. Um, which is why the economy slows down here, cuz everyone's drunk for a few weeks. And then February people hung over and it starts to ramp back up and they're full of remorse and they're trying to get their shit together. Uh, whereas you guys it's winter, right? So you kind of don't really, you don't take a holiday, right? You don't go away over Christmas. Is that Speaker 0 00:03:46 Right? Yeah. We're trying to go snowboarding in a couple, few weeks. Right after Christmas, I was telling max, uh, ahead of time, we're taking the whole family snowboarding. Oh nice. That'll be pretty cool. Speaker 2 00:03:55 Awesome. Uh, today on the agency, we're gonna talk a little bit about our reflections for 2021. Uh, we're gonna talk about what our plans are and what our intentions are for 2022. And uh, then we have an opportunity for you guys jump on a call with one of our team and get some one-on-one help as well. So, uh, keep your ears out for that. So Johnny, we also, you, you posted in slack that you had a, a Christmas party for your remote team. Oh yeah. Back in the old days. We'd just all, when we were all working in the same, uh, office, we'd all just go out for a Christmas party. Or in fact, one of our Mavericks, uh, one of our Mavericks the other day said they just had their Christmas party on a Friday night and they just all go out, they go temp bowling or go to dinner or whatever. Speaker 2 00:04:38 It's kind of hard to do that now because we are remote teams. And so max and I are in Melbourne, but everyone else is, you know, in the Philippines or New Zealand or, or you know, the gold coast or the states. Uh, and so Johnny, uh, shared some photos in our slack about how he was celebrating the end of year and celebrating Christmas with his remote team. And uh, so this is gonna be, this is gonna be great podcasting. If you're listening to this and you are not gonna be able to see the photos that Johnny shares. So if that's the case, get on over to Facebook and join our Facebook group, it's called digital Mavericks. You can just go to facebook.com and search for digital Mavericks group and then join the group. It's free. We let most people in. <laugh> not everyone, but we let most people in and then you'll be able to see the visuals that we share on the, the calls here, Johnny, how you're going with that screen sharing brother. Speaker 0 00:05:28 I'm, I'm almost there. I think it's asking me to allow, allow, allow my computer. That's new to, uh, do the thing, you know, share the screen Speaker 2 00:05:38 Here. Uhhuh. Yeah. Got it. Yeah. It's in is installing screen. He's going into the privacy settings and letting Speaker 0 00:05:43 I'm going into privacy settings. Speaker 2 00:05:45 You're gonna let me take over your web camera. Right? I hope you haven't got, uh, I hope you haven't got, um, what is it login J uh, installed anywhere on your computer. Have you guys heard about that? The, the big security breach with, with the login? Uh, yeah, so that's Speaker 3 00:06:01 We don't have it, but yeah, I've heard of it. Speaker 2 00:06:03 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:06:04 Not good. Not good at all. Speaker 2 00:06:06 Johnny, Speaker 3 00:06:07 Actually, Mike Ken says hi. Speaker 2 00:06:09 Hey Mike, Mike's in, are you back in the, you back in the UK? Mike, are you still hanging out in Canada with Sheila heard? Where are you now? I think we've lost Johnny. Johnny's Speaker 3 00:06:18 Tried to share Johnny, tried to share a screen and he just disappeared. Speaker 2 00:06:22 Johnny has yep. Tried to share a screen and has just disappeared off the face of the earth. So he'll be back in a moment. Uh, Hey Pete, what do you do? Um, now if there's, I know that, you know, you are even Grier than I am. So how do you celebrate Christmas with your remote team? <laugh> Speaker 3 00:06:39 Um, I am not Grier than you are my remote team. We, we don't necessarily celebrate, like Johnny did like have a, have a get together, um, because they're, they are all in the Philippines, so we kind of, we overlap in hours, but, but they work different hours than I do. Um, but they do get off from, uh, my developers off from the 20th of December through the 10th, I think, of, of January. And the rest of the team is off from the 23rd until the 10th. Speaker 2 00:07:10 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I give him Speaker 3 00:07:12 We're off first and 13th month. Yep. So they get that NICE's little bonus at the end of the year and all that stuff. So, Speaker 2 00:07:18 Yeah. And the we're on skeleton staff between about the 23rd and the 10th of January, I think. So we've just got the, the support staff running, um, doing rosters there. Hey, Johnny's back. And I believe he's got some slides to share with us. It's a slide night with uncle Johnny. Speaker 0 00:07:34 All right, there we go. We go, Speaker 3 00:07:37 There we go. Speaker 0 00:07:38 We had an awesome, uh, virtual team, Christmas party. My team's always been all remote. So we've always had to kind of figure this out. So I think this is our second or third year we've done this. Um, and we basically, it was in place of our normal weekly team call. We kind of had a party. We told everyone where your Christmas attire, um, bring your own drink of choice, you know, whatever kind of your holiday drink is. And then we had some games and activities and prizes planned. So I told everyone how much I appreciated them. We laughed, we played games. We gave out prizes. Um, we had a, we had a thing where everyone had to bring a cookie to the party. And so then you had to put the cookie on your forehead and you had to see who could eat the cookie without using any hands first <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:08:21 Um, and so that was pretty fun. We gave out a gift card for that. We played, uh, we played, uh, U tide Pictionary where we used the, the whiteboard feature of zoom. And then, uh, the, the gal on our team who was organizing that game would message. You privately what you had, like what Christmas thing you had to draw. And then you had a minute to kind of draw it out and you got a point for whoever guested it first. Um, and so we gave out a prize for that and we did some other games and then one of the cool things. So my team planned all this last year, I planned the whole thing. I was like, it'll be much better if the team plans it. So the team planned it this year and they came up with this idea to do a team holiday recipe book. Speaker 0 00:09:02 And so, uh, a couple weeks ago they asked all the team members for their favorite holiday recipes, you know, it could be a main meal, a appetizer, dessert, whatever. And so we now have our first Johnny flash team cookbook that, uh, we have in a digital, you know, format. And so we gave that to the whole team as like kind of a, a special thing. And so it's cool. Cause we have a lot of Philippine team members, us team members all over. So all kinds of different recipes in there, which I'm looking forward to trying and stuff. So it was just a lot of fun. It was really great. That's great. What, Speaker 2 00:09:35 What, what time of the day was this, uh, end of year Christmas party for you Speaker 0 00:09:39 Guys? So our team, uh, in the Philippines works generally like us times, so they're working like evening nights for them. So we just did it, um, at 10:00 AM Eastern, which is 11:00 PM Philippine time, but our team's normally working those hours anyways. Speaker 2 00:09:55 So the big question Johnny is at 10 o'clock in the morning for you. What drink of choice did you take to the, Speaker 0 00:10:01 I had, I had hot chocolate and I had, uh, some tea as well. Speaker 2 00:10:06 Ah, very good. Very good. Very good. Speaker 0 00:10:09 Crazy. You go no champagne. Crazy. You were going crazy, Jonathan <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:10:13 Uh, and, and also how do the hell do you eat a cookie on your forehead without using your hands? Speaker 0 00:10:18 It was, it was so hilarious to watch. Honestly, I was like trying to eat my cookie, but then I was trying to, it was just funny watching everybody trying to do it. And one guy was like really slow and gradual, like, and it was just like barely inching down on his face. And it was like, it was pretty awesome. So we gave out gift card prizes for all the winners of all the different games and stuff. And it was Speaker 2 00:10:39 So you put the cookie on your forehead and you put your head back and then you've gotta like use your facial muscles to get it down to your mouth. Right? Speaker 0 00:10:44 Yeah. Or if it falls off on the ground or the table or whatever, like you can't use your hands. So then you're kind of like, however you can to try to eat it down. Speaker 2 00:10:53 Wow. So I'm going, we going camping the day after Christmas, uh, for about a week with a bunch of families. So that's gonna be a fun game. I'm gonna get everyone moted on gin and tonic and then say right now it's time to eat a cookie or your forehead. It's gonna be hilarious. I wonder how many cookies the dogs are gonna end up with that night? Um, very funny. And, um, cool. And so who, who organized it all? And also you do realize now that my entire team wanna come and work at Johnny flash. Thank you very much. Speaker 0 00:11:19 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:11:19 That's great. Speaker 0 00:11:21 We, um, so I had my account managers, uh, organized it they're kinda like my project managers. And so they mm-hmm <affirmative> they came up with all the ideas and everything and they led a lot of the different games and activities and stuff. We also did a gratitude ceremony. We told everyone ahead of time, Hey, we're gonna have a moment during the team party where everyone's just gonna share something that they're thankful for. And so, uh, we did that as well. It was just, it was a great time. Everyone had fun. They laughed. It was about 90 minutes. We told 'em cool. Hey, it's gonna be about 90 minutes. And we played games. We gave out prizes. It was a lot of fun. It was cool. Nice Speaker 2 00:11:53 One. Awesome. Uh, <laugh> someone says, uh, James TRO says, I bet. Flash is a fireball guy. Actually. I'm the fireball guy. Speaker 0 00:12:02 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:12:03 I'm the fireball whiskey guy. Remember, remember in New York, Pete <laugh> yes. Were you there? Were you there at that time of night? We were doing, this was good. This is great. It's good. Fun. I remember it. Um, cool. So now how, what, what yesterday on the velocity, on the, not the velocity call yesterday on the Mavericks call, we did a reflection on the year of the year. So what I wanna do is I wanna ask people in the chat and then I wanna ask you guys as well. The question I asked all the Mavericks yesterday is what progress have you made in 2021 that you can point to doesn't have to be doesn't matter how big or small what I'm curious about is what progress have you made in 2021 that you can point to and say, Hey, that's different from when we started at the start of 2021, there's the progress that we've made. Speaker 2 00:12:49 And I know we've made progress and I can measure it by pointing to this number. So for example, Adam silver was talking about his team. Like he can point to new team members and go, well, we've hired extra team members. And you know, he can also point to profit because he can look at his P and L we had some people saying, oh, my processes are better. And I'm like, okay, that's not an answer. How do you know your processes are better? Mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, they said, well, because I'm not answering questions anymore. My team are delivering stuff without answering, without asking me questions. I'm not involved in client projects. So I'm curious for you guys in the chat, uh, Jayden went from no clue to a clue. Actually Jayden said he's on his way from going from a kid with a laptop to an agency owner, which I thought was excellent. And I also think that kid with a laptop is a great name for an agency. <laugh> yeah, that's a good, it is a good agency name. So, so what progress have you guys made that you can actually point to and say there's measurable progress that we made in 2021 and, uh, Johnny, uh, what, uh, what for you, can you look at as a reflection of 2021 and say, well, we made progress in this area and here's how I know we've made that progress. Speaker 0 00:13:53 Yeah. I mean, we've hired three new team members in 2021. So we've got besides jewel, my wife and I run the business together. Besides the two of us, we've got eight team members. So there's 10 of us now on Johnny flash, which is crazy. Um, I, I used to run all the projects prior to this year where like we would get a new website built. I'd do all those weekly calls. I handed all that over to my account project manager. So they've been trained up after the kickoff call. They have all the weekly calls. They make the site map, the design brief to give all the tasks to the team. I mean, there's sites launching that. Like, I didn't have anything to do with, which is great. And they're actually better than when I was doing all the things. So, um, that's been a huge win. And I think our profit is about 50% higher than last year. And our profit was the best that we had had ever last year. And we're 50% up in profit, uh, from 2020. So. Wow. Speaker 2 00:14:49 Awesome. Yeah. All this before your birthday. Hey brother. Speaker 0 00:14:52 Yeah, yeah. Got a couple, few days left. Speaker 2 00:14:55 Was it Christmas Eve? Speaker 0 00:14:56 Was it? Yeah. Christmas Eve. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:14:58 Eve. That's so good. That's so good. Uncle Pete crispy butter. How do you feel about 2021? Speaker 3 00:15:04 I'm just sitting here trying to remember when I turned 40. I can't remember. Remember back. So, um, so 20, 21, the number for me that I'm I'm happiest about is a big zero. Uh, there's a big zero in my name next to my name in our ticketing system, because I am no longer involved in care plan at all. Like, I don't even know what goes on in the care plan anymore. And, uh, that was a goal of mine as I was going away for about two weeks in September to Italy. And, uh, we got there and I haven't looked at the care plan since, so I have no idea what's going on in the care plan. Speaker 2 00:15:43 And, and I think, you know, two weeks in Italy without being on a call and without being on the phone and being slack, Speaker 3 00:15:50 No nothing. Yeah, no slack, no nothing. Right. Projects just kept going and everything was good. Speaker 2 00:15:55 I remember when Johnny said that he went, you Johnny, you said you, you had a holiday and you went away for a couple of weeks. And the first day you had the shakes, cuz you weren't looking at the business and you were like, did you experience that? Cuz I'm about to go away for the first time after Christmas. I'm literally, I have no phone reception for a week, so I'm gonna be off the grid and I'm, I, I have attention headache just thinking about it. Right. <laugh> like, I'm like, oh, oh, I'm starting to panic. Right. I'm in fact I'm thinking of every reason to try and cancel the camping trip so I can just stay home. Uh, so had like, did you, Jo Pete, did you experience the, like the first couple of days where you were a little bit nervous and you were kind of like used to checking in on things and it was a new experience? Speaker 3 00:16:31 No, I, it just, I, uh, you know, I, I really was able before I left to build up that trust in some key personnel and uh, just kind of left it at that and told them they had my Voxer. So then if they needed me, they could box me. And only, only once did I get boxed during the, uh, during the vacation because a client, it turns out it was a coaching client. It wasn't really a client client. It was an agency. Mavericks client was, uh, repeatedly emailing me and not really saying why. So Michael on my team said, I guess I should reach out to Pete. Turns out, turns out she lived in Italy and wanted me to purchase land near her. So that's what the emergency was. That was the only time anybody in the company reached out to me was so that I could buy land in Italy, which I didn't do. Speaker 2 00:17:28 Wow. That's amazing. Um, uh, Yos F Trabelsi here says, how is everyone's office so beautiful? Well, uh, it's not an accident. Uh, there's been a lot of intention really around, I mean, I don't know for you guys, but I try and make my office feel like a lounge room. I have some lounge chairs behind me, of course, bookcases and stuff. And I wanna basically, if I'm gonna come to work, you know, for the best part of the, you know, five days a week, I wanna feel like I'm kind of hanging. I don't wanna feel like I'm in an office. I wanna feel like I'm hanging out a Landrum. I don't, this is not in my house. By the way, I have a separate office. I know you guys work from home, but I have a separate office. I need kind of that ion between home and work. Speaker 2 00:18:07 So I have a separate office that I come to and if I'm going to come in here, like I want it to feel like a lounge room. I've got my guitar behind me. I sit in the chair and noodle on the guitar quite a bit, and I kind of want it to be a relaxing environment. And so this is not, this is I've intentionally designed this space for it to be a cool space where I wanna hang out and to try and be conducive to me being creative. Right. Um, and so, um, uh, USF it's, it's intentional. And I think, and I know these guys have actually put a lot of effort and thought into the way that their office is. And so the way their background looks, because we spend a lot of time on zoom, right. And the amount of calls I have on zoom with people, and I'm like, dude, like I wouldn't buy a website off you because you look like you're in your mom's basement or a torture chamber. Speaker 3 00:18:51 Like, like your, your refrigerator is behind you and, you know, Speaker 2 00:18:55 Yeah. Like raise the game, like Speaker 3 00:18:58 Exactly look Speaker 2 00:18:59 Professional, you know, it's Speaker 3 00:19:00 Funny. We all, we actually, all three of us have guitars in our background. Don't we Speaker 0 00:19:04 <laugh> that, that just adds some cool points. But I was gonna say, I think we, I think we were all in a good position going into COVID because we've all been living on zoom pre COVID, you know, in terms of having a lot of calls with different, uh, Mavericks and other folks. Right. And so I think, uh, you know, we were, I already, we already had the light setups and the different things kind of going into COVID. So it, now everyone's comfortable on zoom. It just makes it that much easier, you know, when we're doing calls and stuff. Speaker 2 00:19:33 And we also, we also all use nice cameras. So we're not using USB cameras here. We're using, we're all using the Sony, a 6,400 barrels cameras and the Sigma 16 mil prime lens. And so that is what makes the backgrounds blurry and gives that really nice shallow depth of field. And that's been intentional as well. That hasn't been an accident. We set that up here in Melbourne and then we just duplicated it for all of our, our coaches so that we will look professional and it's engaging. And I get on calls with people, you know, who on sales calls with people. And they're like, oh my God, I can't believe I'm looking at that background. Like, I'm so familiar with that background. And it looks amazing. And it's a real talking point. And so, um, I think, you know, five years ago, if you were making video on the internet, you could just make a video and you could use the laptop and you could be looking up your nostrils. Speaker 2 00:20:19 And it was like, oh my God, he's making a video. Now everyone's making video. Right. So you got, I think you gotta, um, for me, it's about cutting through the noise and being a little more engaging. And I still think there is room for like the iPhone handheld video, I think is really authentic, but this kind of look that we've all gone for here is designed to help attract attention and, and be more, you know, produce more engaging content rather than what everyone else is doing. So, um, that's kind of been the theory behind that. Um, so what, uh, couple of things in the comment here, Martin, Apostol love, I hope I'm saying your name right there. Martin hired my third team member expanded the services portfolio, got a second retainer client moved from web dev to a more broad digital agency type of company. Speaker 2 00:21:04 Well done. Awesome. Nice. Uh, and, uh, James Murgatroyd who I'm gonna out here has anonymous Facebook user, cuz he said this yesterday, uh, on the call on the Mavericks call, I have processes and tools that I didn't have before. But what he said yesterday is he's had a huge mindset shift from being a dev in the business to being an agency owner. He said on the call yesterday that he's basically he's for the last 15 years. He's just had the same year, 15 years in a row, right. Where it's been him doing everything. And now he's, you know, uh, focused number one in the new year is hiring a dev, um, and getting, you know, he's just like, okay, now I just wanna get off the tools and I wanna be an agency owner. And it's really interesting that, you know, it can take 15 years for that decision to happen, but then when it happens and we've seen this with Adam Silverman too, when it happens, it happens. Speaker 2 00:21:52 It's like once you see the light, there's no going back. It's like, oh right now I just wanna hire more people because they can do more stuff. And I can just focus on staying in my sweet spot. Cool. Um, so the, the other thing that we talked about yesterday was what, what's the intention for 2022, what's the, what's the focus, what's the intention and how do you know that you are? How do you know that you'll achieve it? In other words, it's all very good to say. You know, we had people on the cos today saying, well, the focus is sales and growth. I'm like, okay, cool. But how will, you know, when you've achieved sales and growth? So what's the intention and then what's the success criteria. And how are you gonna measure whether or not you achieve that intention, Johnny, have you thought about the plan for 2022, Speaker 0 00:22:41 Man, I'm always, I'm always thinking ahead and stuff, but um, you know, we, obviously we have our revenue goals in terms of that. Um, you know, I I'm, I've been kind of focused on this pod structure of I've got my account managers and then they each have a developer and they each have a group of clients that they're servicing and projects that they're doing. Um, and our designers have kind of been to the side of that. Cause I haven't put the designers like firmly in one of the pods, but uh, I'm basically kind of building out my own pods within the agency, which I think is pretty neat in the sense that the same clients are talking to the same account manager. They have the same developer generally working on their site and so forth. And so we really get to know our clients well, and I think, um, clients have really appreciated that. And I think that's one of the reasons we've gotten so many, not only referrals, but also clients coming back to us and wanting us to do their next website or whatever because of how well we've taken care of 'em. So, um, yeah, I mean, we've got, we've got goals and things that we want to achieve, but I'm, I'm excited about 20, 22. I think it's bright. Speaker 2 00:23:46 Love it. Um, Darren Craig says don't work with dicks in the sales process. <laugh> Speaker 0 00:23:53 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:23:54 Just print that out on a big, a three poster and stick it up in the office, right? No dicks. This is a Dick free zone, free zone, Dick free zone. And uh, that's my plan to be more picky. Love it, Darren. Uh, go from 40% conversion on 200 K to a 60% on three 50 K woo. Nice. Love it. What's conversion. James, what do you mean there? Uh, go from a 40% conversion on 200 K to 60% on three 50. Is that, is that 40% margin margin? 40% conversion. Walk us through that, James. What's the, uh, what's there Alex? Uh, Alex Genich has I hope I'm saying your name right there, dude. Alex Genich has, uh, hired dear designer and go WP, which is a killer combination by the way, dear designer and go WP dedicated developer, uh, and was amazing. And did my largest project ever will use that setup moving forward for every single project. Speaker 2 00:24:42 So similar to what Johnny's talking about, this is like an outsourced pod, right, where you've got dear designer and go WP and that's scalable. I mean, it's your margin old, long term. Your margin's gonna hurt because you're paying a premium, but, and, and you know, rather than having people work for you in house, however, it's a great place. It's a great way to start. It's very pretty low risk because if it doesn't work out or things slow down, you can just kind of pause or cancel or, you know, so it's fairly low risk and a really good way to, to, uh, to do that. And, but it is kind of that pod where you have a designer and a developer and then the missing piece then is really just getting some of the project manage it. Right. Speaker 3 00:25:21 It's, it's a good way to supplement when your team is overloaded too. If, if, if you're, if you're in a spot where you've got a lot of sales coming in and a lot of projects at one time, you can supplement it with a, with a pod like that, that can be temporary. And then when things go back to normal, you're back to normal. Speaker 0 00:25:38 Yeah. And I, and I'll just throw in too. I like hiring my team members, uh, overseas at like 25 hours a week to start. And what that does is it gives me the room and I think our team accelerator is a great example of this. Right? You get the, you get the right team member they're overseas. The cost is maybe a little bit lower than if you were hiring someone local. And then because I've hired them at 25 hours a week, I can increase their hours. You know, when we get really busy, uh, which has worked really well for us in terms of like having the bandwidth. Speaker 2 00:26:08 There's also something about the, the, um, yes, the, the cost is, uh, probably makes economic sense. Hiring someone say, for example, in Vietnam or the Philippines or Thailand or India versus locally, because frankly the cost of wages in Australia are just fucking ridiculous. Like the higher, a, the higher, a good full-time dev in Australia is gonna cost you well over a hundred grand, right? Speaker 0 00:26:34 Yeah. Same, same where I am. Speaker 2 00:26:36 Cause software companies are just software companies are just chewing them up like Atlassian and, you know, Canva and campaign monitor. Like I remember at one point, um, campaign monitor basically just went around and just hired every Ruby on rails dev in the country. Right. It was just like, you just couldn't get a Ruby on rails dev all these freelancers just went, no, I can't do any more work because I'm working for campaign monitor. So the large software companies are, are kind of gobbling up that talent. So that what happens is not only do you end up with ridiculous wages, but you end up with a shortage in the talent pool. And this is something I've been talking to Mavericks about recently is don't inhibit your growth by just restricting your talent pool to local talent, opening up and getting your head around, hiring someone in and other geographic territories. Speaker 2 00:27:23 Yes, it makes sense economically, but also just makes sense from a pure numbers point of view, like there are more, there's more talent there available to work. And there are, I, I don't know what the numbers would be, but I would bet that the percentage of let's say 25 to 40 year old, uh, people in the Philippines studying code to become a developer would be way higher than the percentage of 25 to 40 year old Australians studying code to become a developer. Right. Because they know that if they skill up, the chances are, they'll get a job working for a remote company, which is gonna be way better for them economically than working for a local company. So the supply and demand, there's more talent in those talent pools and they're learning at a faster rate than local talent. So, Speaker 0 00:28:15 And they're real hungry to learn and they work hard and I mean, lots of, lots of things, right? Speaker 2 00:28:19 Yeah. Yeah, totally. So it's, uh, uh, the, and one of the things that I've learned over the years is that I like to hire people full time as quickly as possible once I've tested them out a little bit. I like to hire people full time because I want their focus. I want their 100% focused on what we are doing and I'm happy to pay for that rather than someone saying, yeah, you will work 20 hours a week and then you end up sharing them with five clients. I want someone just focused on what we are doing full time. Yeah. Um, cool. Cool. So, uh, Martin, Speaker 3 00:28:49 I gotta, I gotta interrupt you for a second. I have to actually bounce into a call with a new Maverick. Speaker 2 00:28:55 Oh, here we go. Speaker 3 00:28:56 At the same time. So done wonder, wish everybody happy holidays and, uh, see you we'll see you when we come back. Speaker 2 00:29:02 Thanks uncle Pete. Speaker 3 00:29:04 Yeah, no worries. And we'll talk to you guys later. Speaker 2 00:29:07 Be safe. Thanks for playing. Look after that crispy butter voice while you're on holidays, uh, he's doing an onboarding call with a new Maverick, which is excellent. Martin has a great plan for 2022, getting enough retainer clients to be able to join Maverick's club. Yes. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Um, now, uh, if by the way, uh, Jesus who is working with us now. No, not Siri. Siri just said, yes. I didn't say, Hey Siri. I said, Hey Jesus, Hey, Jesus, who's working with us now is based in California. Uh, he is, is opened up some time on his calendar to take a one-on-one call with you guys to help you figure out what the plan is for 2022. So if you wanna have a chat with someone on the team, a one-on-one call with someone on the team, quick 15, 20 minute call to figure out where you're at, where you wanna go work out what the plan is, see what resources we can get you plugged in to help you get there. Speaker 2 00:29:59 Just leave a comment with the word Maverick, uh, underneath this video. And Jesus will pick up that conversation. He'll ping you in messenger book in a time, jump on, have a quick call. Uh, as I said, figure out where you are, what the plan is for 2022 and get you connected with the right resources. Uh, so stick the word, Maverick in the comments and, uh, Jesus will pick that up, uh, pick that up in, in messenger. Um, so the question for you guys is what is the plan for 2022, apart from, uh, Martin who we know now, what is the plan for 2022? What is your intention for next year? What is the focus and how, how are you going to know when you've achieved it? Uh, because I think it's all very well to have a plan, but if you dunno what the, the success criteria is, then you don't know if, you know, when you actually get there, you dunno what the finish line looks like. Hey, Johnny, do you use a journal or like a, a planning thing or is it just in your head? Speaker 0 00:30:55 Um, <affirmative> um, for like the big goals. Speaker 2 00:30:58 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:31:00 Yeah. We, we, I have 'em right here on the board to the side of me in terms of the, actually my flight plan <laugh> and then I have my, uh, my kind of quarterly and yearly goals. Um, I, you know, I haven't actually shared this publicly, but, um, should I, should I, should I share my, um, 20, 21, uh, goal that I had? Speaker 2 00:31:19 Yeah, absolutely. Speaker 0 00:31:20 Do you know what I'm talking about? Right. Speaker 2 00:31:22 I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I've got the clap. I've got the applause button right here, man. I'm ready to go. Speaker 0 00:31:26 So my, my actually for it's been like a multi-year goal now I would say, but my goal was to get, you know, obviously grow the agency enough that we could get our house paid off. By the time I turned 40, I turned 40 in nine days. And uh, about three weeks ago we pushed the payment on the last payment for our house. And so we are like a hundred percent debt free house and everything. So Dick it's crazy. I'm still like in disbelief of it, myself actually, honestly. Um, that's amazing. We don't have any debt in the business. We don't have any car debt, loan, debt, house debt, anything like literally we're a hundred percent debt free. So that's amazing. It was like, uh, yeah, we hit the goal like a month early and we have just been, uh, pinching ourself, you know, to kind of, uh, just, you know, still trying to like realize it. Speaker 2 00:32:19 Yeah. So well done, dude. That's Speaker 0 00:32:21 Awesome, Speaker 2 00:32:21 Man. Congratulations. Congratulations. Speaker 0 00:32:24 Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:26 And, uh, it's, you know, I, I know you and I are both big fans of Dave Ramsey and we've been following his stuff for a long time. And, uh, we are loosely, loosely, loosely, no promises yet, but we are loosely planning on coming out to Nashville in June, 2022 for a live event. Uh, if the pandemic doesn't get in the way, which I think it's going to, but anyway, <laugh>, we're, you know, starting to add more restrictions here, the UK has just added more restrictions, so who knows, but anyway, all goes, well, we will be in Nashville, 2022 for a live event. And I know that that's a huge opportunity for you to do the debt free Speaker 0 00:33:01 Screen. Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go on the program and, and, and do my debt free screen. Speaker 2 00:33:06 I can't wait. I can't wait for that, man. That would just be incredible. That would be great. That's yeah, that's awesome. Um, and uh, I've never been in Nashville and I would love to go visit. I would just love to go visit the Ramsey, uh, the building out there that they built, they just built in like a couple of years ago they paid cash. Yeah. And built an $80 million purpose built building. It's just ridiculous. Isn't it? Speaker 0 00:33:31 I know, man. I know. It's incredible. Incredible. And I get you get some free cookies when you go there. So I'm, I'm, I'm already, I'm ready to go. Speaker 2 00:33:37 We're gonna put the cookies on the forehead and, and Speaker 0 00:33:39 <laugh> that's right. Speaker 2 00:33:41 That's amazing. Um, and I've never been to Nashville and it's the music city. It's the, it's the, you know, it's the home home in music. So I definitely wanna go. So what is the plan for you guys? I love this plan from, um, uh, oh, come on. Uh, Jacoby car ride. I love this. My plan is to get a Tesla model X mm-hmm <affirmative>. So I'm gonna need to go from nine K month recurring to at least 25 K month recurring you're in the right place. Jacob. Um, love it. I drive a Tesla model three, which is my little runabout, which I absolutely love. And I've wanted an X for a long time. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, I've I've since decided to not get an X just yet. And I'll walk you through the logic. One is you can't get them in Australia. There are just no model Xs available. Speaker 2 00:34:23 The next one coming will be next year, late, next year in Australia. And it's the new model and it's gonna be about 180 grand, 180 grand in Australia. Wow, wow. Right. Which is, which is, you know, that's like, that is, uh, that I don't care what school you come from or, or, or how much money you were. And that is a significant chunk of change. The other thing is we got two kids, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> and we go camping and we do, you know, road trips and the while I love fully electric vehicles, don't get me wrong. Um, and a big advocate for that. The Tesla is not, if you can like throw a tent in the back and a whole bunch of camping gear because of the shape of the Tesla, it, you just lose a bit of storage room, uh, because of the rounded shape, right? Speaker 2 00:35:10 Mm-hmm <affirmative> so here's what I've decided on. Instead, I'm actually getting a Kia Sorento plugin hybrid electric vehicle. And what that means is that you can drive it in full electric mode for about 70 kilometers. And then after that, it switches into a hybrid, which is a hybrid of petrol and, uh, electricity, which is not ideal, but in Australia we just don't have, the market is just not big enough. We just don't have the same choice of electric vehicles. In fact, cars that size, the only electric vehicle that size in Australia is the Tesla model X. And I've just explained why that's not gonna be ideal yet. So once the kids have grown up a little bit, the plan is still definitely to get a, an X once we're not carting around gear. And also once they're more available in the country. So in the meantime, I'm making a bit of a compromise by getting the Kia of Sorento, which I've put an order in on, and I'm probably still out gonna have to wait until March or April next year for that to arrive because, oh, wow. Uh, you know, again, they're just not, um, they're just not, they're just not sending them to Australia because, uh, you know, uh, LC 300 X, what is that? What is the LC 300 X, which, uh, now we're talking about cars, tell me what model that is, the who makes it, what, what make is it? Um, uh, what do you drive Johnny? Speaker 0 00:36:25 Uh, I've got a, uh, 2016 Honda accord that has like the apple car play and, and all that stuff. I really like it, although I hardly go anywhere. So <laugh> usually, I'm taking, usually I'm taking the family van, which that's on our list of 20, 22 to, uh, to upgrade cuz we've got a kind of older minivan that we towed around our four kids. So, yeah. Speaker 2 00:36:45 Uh, and that's the other thing too, is like, when, you know what it's like when you've got young kids, right. They just destroy the car <laugh> yeah. It's like, I'm even nervous about getting the new Kia Sorento. Cause I'm like, it's just gonna be destroyed in like two years, you know, there's just shit everywhere and there's food and they'd vomit and they, we on the seat and it's just chaos. They don't really, um, anyway, so, uh, apart from buying new cars, what's the plan for 2022 with you guys, what is the, uh, what's the intention for next year and how do you know you're gonna get there? And so what I, when I say, how do you know you're gonna get there? What I mean is like, what's how what's the success criteria? How will, you know, talk very well to say, you know, I'm gonna remove myself from the project management, but what does that actually look like? Mm-hmm <affirmative> projects go out the door, you're not involved. Uh, you know, how will you know, when you've achieved it, I guess, what does the finish line look like? Speaker 0 00:37:39 So I took a 16 day vacation without my laptop in this year, uh, earlier this summer, which was amazing as we were talking about a little bit earlier and I would love to like get that up to a month, uh, of not, you know, you know, not dealing with the business, not having my computer, not being on standby or whatever. And, uh, and just kind of stretch that out. So it's, that's definitely something I've gotta, I think the key for me to be able to do that is to actually plan a month long <laugh>, you know, time away so that I'm not just kind of around the house tempted to try to, uh, jump into the business or get on the computer, you know? Speaker 2 00:38:13 Totally. It's um, I, I can't stay home if I'm, if I'm off work, I can't just like, even on the weekends, I struggle. I'm like, I just gotta get outta the, get outta the city, go on road trips on the weekends. Cause if I'm even around the house. Speaker 0 00:38:26 Yeah. It's like I'm tempting. Speaker 2 00:38:27 Yeah. Yeah. I'm just thinking, I'll just check something on slack. And so I like to try and just get out and just completely change the landscape and change what you focus on. We went to Hillsville, which is about an hour and a quarter out of Melbourne last weekend with the kids and, and their cousins. And Hillsville is this beautiful little sleepy hollow in the Hills with these, you know, beautiful gum trees everywhere. And there's the Hillsville sanctuary, which is an Australian native animal, uh, zoo. Essentially. It's a very small zoo, just full of, you know, kangaroos and WBAs and wallabies and dingoes. And there's amazing AMPI theater where they have a bird show where they bring out these incredible birds that are so well trained. They fly around, they fly right over your head. There's these huge barking hour flying right toward you and goes straight over your head and goes to the keeper. Speaker 2 00:39:12 Who's got some snacks for it. Um, really well trained birds, a big wing, uh, uh, uh, um, what's the wedge Wedgetail Eagles, massive Wedgetail Eagle, cockatoos parrots. It was incredible. And I, I just got home after three days and I was like, wow, I haven't pretty much haven't thought about work for three days, which is just a really good mindset shift and a good kind of reset. Uh, cause even if, you know, it's what it's like as a business owner, even if you're not working, mm-hmm <affirmative> one of the challenges is to just like put your head into another. Speaker 0 00:39:42 Yeah. Not, not be thinking about it. Right. <laugh> about Speaker 2 00:39:45 It. Exactly. Yeah. Which is, which is tricky. Jacob says for me, uh, 2022 would be only doing a few consultations or fractional type roles and the business is running with me not having to be involved in every aspect of the day to day. Are you familiar with the fractional kind of fractional CMO role, Johnny that he's talking about? Mm-hmm no. So fractional, we just hired a fractional CMO actually to help us here cuz the sort of, you know, I'm just trying to get out of every seat in the business and marketing, uh, is kind of one of those things that is my sweet spot, but I just don't. I mean, I, you know, I mean, and I love it, but it just means that I can't do other things like, you know, think about who to hire next. And uh, you think about larger, um, strategic things. Speaker 2 00:40:29 And so fractional CMO is someone who basically kind of works with you a fraction of the time, right? They, they're not a full time. Uh, they're usually remote. They kind of, uh, our fractional CMO TSU. We meet with him once a week. He looks at our numbers, he looks at our business and he goes right this week, we're gonna do this. And he just fixes like one thing a week and uh, he's performance based, which is amazing. Like his offer was too good to refuse. So he only gets paid on additional revenue that he helps create, which is great. So very low risk. And he does a little bit of like, he'll do some copy. He knows enough that he can kind of log in and fix a page in WordPress if he needs to. But our team do most of the implementation, he just comes up with the strategy and the, and he acts like a true CMOs. Speaker 2 00:41:14 Like we have a weekly meeting. He is like, all right, cool, let's fix this this week. And then our team go and do stuff. And then we report back and make sure that, you know, we can track everything so that he gets paid on the performance. So that's super interesting. And I think it's a really good model because it's, uh, more strategy and less of the, you know, kind of detail. Yeah, yeah. Of the actual doing, which is good. I'm just trying to also find out who these people are, who are anonymous. Facebook uses Daniel Doty, click the link and give streamy permission. My friend so that we know who you are. So 2022 is building a team to hand off builds after the design phase. It takes two weeks off each quarter. Uh, take two weeks off each quarter, one week road trip to seed clients. And one week off. Interesting. Instead of waiting till the end of the year for a holiday burnt out. Yes. So scheduling those two weeks off every quarter. Love it. Dan. Uh, my friend Dale Beaumont does that every year. He looks at the calendar and he's got like, you look at he's calendar is like, there's two weeks in April where he's just not around. He's just on holidays. He's completely disconnected. Love Speaker 0 00:42:14 It. Speaker 2 00:42:15 And I think he ends up taking like eight weeks off a year when he works. He works his ass off. And when he is on holiday, he does not work at all. He's completely disconnected. So, um, I think just having that intention on the calendar as well and planning it out rather than being one thing that I'm trying to get better at is, is, is looking ahead a little bit more and planning stuff in the calendar rather than just being a bit more reactive. Speaker 0 00:42:37 Hey, Hey Troy, I got a little, um, thing I've been working on for, um, you know, the website worksheet from the old, you know, WP elevation blueprint. Yeah. Been kinda working on like a visual express version. Um, we haven't launched it yet, but you, you want a little sneak peek. Speaker 2 00:42:52 Absolutely. Speaker 0 00:42:53 Cool. I'll show you. Um, okay. Oh, nice. So, so basically the idea is like, how could we get like some basic information without having to like fill out as much stuff for it, whatever. So you can kind of choose whatever things you're interested in and then it kind of customizes the journey for you, uh, based on that, you know, and we, we pay out a referral fee, so we wanna know if someone referred them mm-hmm <affirmative> um, and then it'll kind of ask you questions tailored to, you know, are we're we're doing a lot of like either websites for businesses that are trying to generate leads eCommerce or like church and nonprofit. Right. So they can kind of choose whichever one and then based on what they choose, it'll tailor kind of the experience a little bit further mm-hmm <affirmative> um, we're just kinda getting a sense of like, okay, how big is this site? Speaker 0 00:43:38 And then depending on what type of website they said, it's gonna ask them, well, first ask if they want copywriting done mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, but then it'll tailor the experience to even further in terms of like, okay, this is typically what we might have on a service based, uh, website. That's trying to generate leads, you know, which of these things do you need? Mm-hmm <affirmative> and so we're not like trying to generate an automatic, like, you know, price at the end of this mm-hmm <affirmative>, but just trying to get a quick amount of information, you know, so that we can then set up a call and kind of, uh, dive in, you know, triage this and go into it deep or whatever, but, um, love it. Yeah. And so it's just kind of a quick sort of visual thing that they can kind of fill out. And then, um, at the end, obviously they'll put in, you know, uh, their details and, and then we'll kind of go from there. So Speaker 2 00:44:27 Love it. How, what did you use to build it? Speaker 0 00:44:29 Uh, just in gravity forms. Speaker 2 00:44:31 Wow. Nice one. Speaker 0 00:44:33 You can use fluent forms or, I mean, there's lots of tools that you could use. Right. Speaker 2 00:44:36 I love the progress. I love the customized progress meter. That's super cool. Yeah. Um, and, uh, what, so what's the, what's the hypothesis here? Like why, why, why are you building this? Speaker 0 00:44:49 So basically right now, if they want, like, if they want to fill it out, we have kind of like the long, like five page website worksheet with like lots of questions. And so basically now what we're gonna do when they say they want to quote, we're gonna basically say, do you want the express version that takes less than five minutes gives, you know, kind of rough ballpark, whatever. Or do you want, like the detailed, like longer takes, you know, 20 minutes or whatever to fill out. And we do have clients amazingly enough that will fill out the long website worksheet. And then we land a 20, $25,000 more project, you know, and they took like probably 30 minutes or an hour to provide like tons of detail. But then we also have other clients where they're like, Hey, we just, we want to get to the steps faster. We don't wanna have to fill out a 30 minute form, you know? And so we're kind of just trying to accommodate that. Still get some, you know, have a little hoop for them to jump through, but not to be so much of a, uh, hurdle that they have to go through in order to work with us. Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative> Speaker 2 00:45:44 Yeah. Got it. Um, James Mero lizard brain is an overdrive and says, is that a conversational form in gravity forms? Speaker 0 00:45:53 Um, not sure what a conversational form is, honestly, Speaker 2 00:45:56 It's type form. It's like, it kind of mimics the type form. Speaker 0 00:45:59 Yeah. We that's kind of what we were going for. Um, yeah. Yeah. The team did, the team did all the things with the design and the building of it and everything. So I, I just know they used gravity forms. I don't have a lot more detail than that. Speaker 2 00:46:09 I love the fact that you don't know <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:46:11 Yeah. I, I dunno. Speaker 2 00:46:13 That's the correct answer. I don't know. I'm an agency now. I dunno what my, I don't know how my team did it, but I know that my team did it, which is awesome. Speaker 0 00:46:19 They did a great job. We're just, we're tweaking a few things. We're gonna launch it here. Uh, next next in 2022. So awesome. Speaker 2 00:46:25 January. Someone said for me, uh, 2022 it's processes defining what I do better and being pickier and getting rid of my 100 to do lists. I'm not sure who that is, but mm-hmm, <affirmative> uh, awesome. Thank you for sharing that. Um, and click the link to give stream out permission to know your name and your first. Speaker 0 00:46:41 That was, that was Darren Craig with that one that you just Speaker 2 00:46:43 Darren Craig. Gotcha. Gotcha. Um, well, you know, Darren team will help you do that. Man team will help you get rid of your to-do list because you can delegate to the team. I was talking to someone I've had two conversations this week with people who are like, well, you know, I don't, I'm not, I don't really wanna grow sales at the moment. I'm like, walk me through that. <laugh> tell me why you tell me what's the thinking and the, what it came down to is a fear of taking on too much work Speaker 0 00:47:12 More than they could yeah. Being overwhelmed, Speaker 2 00:47:13 More handled. And what that comes down to is not having enough team members or the team not performing the way that they should be. Mm-hmm <affirmative> yes. Darren, you did ghost me after my follow ups. Uh that's okay. We can reconnect brother <laugh>. Um, and so my approach is this always be Avi, like never stop advertising, never stop selling, never stop recruiting. That's my mantra. Right? Because the only way, as you know, Johnny, the only way to get your business generating a profit without you doing all of the things is to hire good people and let them do their thing. And the only way to pay for that is to sell more stuff. Yep. And the only way to sell more stuff is to constantly do your positioning, your marketing, your promotion, Speaker 0 00:47:55 Whatever you do. That's, I'm pretty much the sales guy now. Honestly, I, I, you know, I'm, I'm on the sales calls. I had two today, normally December slows down for us, you know, right before the holidays had two new calls, about two new projects today got two scheduled for tomorrow. And so I'm just, you know, I'm the sales guy and the, uh, the coach <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:48:13 Yeah, that's it. Uh, so you know, foot on the pedal in terms of sales, because that helps pay for people, then hire good people, let them do their thing, mentor them, train them, give them the resources they need to be successful. And then just get outta the way. Yeah. Um, intention for 2022 is never stop advertising, never stop selling, never stop recruiting, like always be, always be advertising, selling and recruiting. Um, uh, that's the, that's the, uh, that's the way Christopher Stratman says sales the last week and this week have been off the charts. Good. Excellent. All right. Cool. Cool. Speaker 0 00:48:45 There's a lot of people that gotta burn budgets for 2021 that are on a fiscal, you know, 20, 21 calendar year thing, and they wanna spend some money. I'm happy to take it. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:48:55 Exactly. That's right. Even if we can't start until February, we're happy to take you to pause it now. Right. Speaker 0 00:48:59 We're happy to take it and reserve your spot. Yep. Speaker 2 00:49:01 Johnny flash, thank you so much for being a part of it. And thank you so much for being such an integral part of what we do here at agency Mavericks, with all of our clients and for sharing your successes and what it is working in your agency, really appreciate your brother and looking forward to a great 20, 22 and looking forward to coming out to the states again next year, man, and hanging out in real Speaker 0 00:49:17 Life. Can't wait. Can't wait. Speaker 2 00:49:19 Yeah. Awesome. All right, gang, have a great, uh, have a great holiday season, whatever you're doing and we'll see you back here early 2022 on the agency hour. Uh, again, if you wanna jump on a call with one of our team, you want some one-on-one time to help you work out the plan for next year and get your plug into the right resources. Uh, just drop the word Maverick into the comments and Jesus will pick up the conversation and have a chat with you. All right, gang, have a great holiday season. We'll see you all next year. Bye for now. Speaker 0 00:49:43 Great. See you guys. Speaker 1 00:49:45 Thanks for listening to the agency hour podcast, subscribe at apple podcasts, Spotify pocket, audible, and wherever you like to listen, you can catch all of the agency hour episodes on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/agency Mavericks. Or you can get involved, check out our free digital Mavericks Facebook group, where we broadcast these episodes live for our community every week, along with a ton of free training. We'll see you.

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