No Price Tag on Peace - Building a Business with a Team Culture that You Love

Episode 79 May 19, 2023 00:40:27
No Price Tag on Peace - Building a Business with a Team Culture that You Love
The Agency Hour
No Price Tag on Peace - Building a Business with a Team Culture that You Love

May 19 2023 | 00:40:27


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Troy Dean Johnny Flash

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Confidence plays a crucial role in being a business owner because we're constantly putting ourselves out there. It's natural to second-guess ourselves, and even just one piece of feedback can send us down a slippery slope of self-doubt. That's why positive self-talk is incredibly important. Having those internal conversations where you become your own biggest fan and continue to encourage yourself is key.

You’ve probably heard this from mentors time and again: many of the problems we face in our small businesses are often a reflection of what's going on inside our own minds. It's all about mindset and overcoming the internal struggles. So, it's vital to cultivate that confidence and belief in yourself as a business owner. Remember, you've got what it takes to succeed!

In this episode of the Agency Hour podcast, we’re thrilled to be joined by Jen Sakowski, Founder and chief officer of Jen is a former member of the Mavericks Club and now serves as a Mavericks Club Coach. In this episode, Jen discusses her journey of regaining confidence after becoming complacent in her business. She talks about the importance of managing mindset and embracing discomfort as a means of personal growth and also emphasises the value of peace and explains why it cannot be measured in monetary terms.

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