How Video Can Supercharge Your Agency's Growth with Ryan Mathews

Episode 114 May 24, 2024 00:44:37
How Video Can Supercharge Your Agency's Growth with Ryan Mathews
The Agency Hour
How Video Can Supercharge Your Agency's Growth with Ryan Mathews

May 24 2024 | 00:44:37


Hosted By

Troy Dean Johnny Flash

Show Notes

In this episode of The Agency Hour podcast, join Troy Dean as he chats with Ryan Mathews, an expert funnel analyser, YouTuber, and member of the Mavericks Club.

Ryan is the founder of Funnel Architecture, where he specialises in turning visitors into customers through effective sales funnels and website optimisation. Today, we dive into the transformative power of video for agency growth and client acquisition.

Ryan shares his journey from dabbling in YouTube to fully embracing video as a core marketing strategy. Discover how he leverages credibility from other video creators while staying true to himself, determines which businesses can most benefit from video, and uses YouTube as a powerful lead nurturing mechanism. Ryan also opens up about overcoming the fear of being on camera and finding the confidence to consistently produce engaging content.

If you're looking to enhance your marketing and acquisition strategy, build stronger client relationships, or simply gain the confidence to step in front of the camera, this episode is packed with insights and practical advice. Learn how to harness the potential of video to transform your agency and drive sustainable growth.



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